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  1. cheers for the reply, my only thought that could of triggered it is I live on a pot hole ridden back road and had a bit of a crunch on the way home the first time it started doing it, will investigate some more 2moro
  2. I drive a lupo gti, and over the past couple of days when I turn the engine off a couple of seconds later the radiator fan kicks in and goes for like 10 mins the engine is not overly hot, anybody any ideas why this is happening? cheers Rowan
  3. Yeah was me, don't think I was trying to race you though. Seen loads of nice Vw's knocking about in Euxton and Leyland
  4. Oil service light is on and want to do the change at home. Iv bought the oil and filters, could someone tell me where the engine oil sump plug is located. Any help appreciated. Cheers Rowan
  5. Rowan

    Black Gti

    Was probs me drive past there like everyday, on my way to work, what were you driving?
  6. Rowan

    Et on a gti

    Hi, Im looking for alloys to put on my gti without the use of spacers, I know the et on a lupo gti is 43 but what is the lowest you can get away with. Im lookin at alloys with ET25 7x15 4x100 is this gonna cause major rubbing on arches. Iv been told about 5-7mm off the actual et but jus wanted to clarify it? any help appreciated. Rowan
  7. Rowan

    Turbines on a Gti

    They were ones off a clio went for 168 quid, sorry to change the subject an this is probs simple to most people but do g60 steelies go straight on a lupo gti? cheers
  8. Rowan

    Turbines on a Gti

    Missed on ebay , cheers for the help anyway
  9. Rowan

    Turbines on a Gti

    Anyone know if renault clio turbines fit straight on a Lupo GTI they are 15", 4x100 but not 100% on the et. Any help appreciated. Rowan
  10. Rowan

    Fitting Ronal turbos

    Cheers pal, didnt think anyone was gonna help.
  11. I am looking to but some ronal turbo r10's for my lupo gti, i am wondering if they go straight on or if spacers are required, also is it the et 37?
  12. Ye thats where i ended up gettin them, cheers mate
  13. Does anyone have the part number for it?
  14. Hi, jus wondering if you can help. Last nights i slid into a curb on an unlayed road (high kerbs) with a horrible surface , smashed my alloy and have jus had the car jacked to see what damage was done hoping it would jus need track + balancing but looks more like iv bent the suspension wishbone(drivers side front). I need to know whether the lupo gti's suspension is the same as a standard lupo/arosa. Im not mechanically minded whatsoever so this might seem really basic to some people. Cheers
  15. Hi i have had my lupo gti for only a month now ( still not put my pictures up ) and there is a harsh like scraping noise when brakin which I have percieved to be that the its time for new brake pads. I just wanted to know if the discs will also need replacing or is it fine to just change the pads. Also what are the best pads to buy. Any help much appreciated. I do realise this will seem stupid to most people but im not very mechanically minded.
  16. Rowan


    lookin at http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/921233.htm an http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/878850.htm Do u think its worth spendin the xra cash to get the newer car?
  17. Rowan


    cheers mate ye not gonna **** out an get a golf im gonna wait for a decent lupo, gonna take a drive 70 miles today to av a look at a one. its red tho an i wanted any colour but ha...
  18. Rowan


    cheers mate really struggling at the mo, might end up gettin a golf but really want a lupo gti
  19. Rowan


    Chorley in Lancashire, but im willing to travel upto 60ish miles to get a car. everyone time i find a nice one its 150+ miles away
  20. Rowan


    Hi, Im rowan in the process of lookin for a lupo gti (unsuccesfully), then subtley moddin it. Thought this could be a helpful forum. I am really struggling findin a decent one in my neck of the woods, so any help ould be much appreciated cheers
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