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  1. tell me about it! only got home at like 6ish, got stuck beghind some creep doin 30 in a 60 :| nice car btw
  2. Was going the other way in the blue lupo stuck in the traffic
  3. Saw you this morning heading into preston then just spotted you on the car park outside west strand house preston think youve got bbs's colour coded on? not too sure only caught a glimpse!
  4. yeah will do! be good just need to sort my sound system out them i'm rockin
  5. not really lol! sorry for the late reply btw been mega busy! usually in chorley alot sometimes wigan, been to preston a couple of times! no one ever seems to see me hahah
  6. Wanna know who he is lol, he tried racin us in the golf lol x
  7. not too sure about the wheels as he was behind me lol only noticed that it had black badges x
  8. Was infront of u in a black golf from euxton past runshaw into leyland.
  9. yeah found you :) sent you a request! x

  10. Should be three people on my profile pic, Im the crazy with with longish hair x

  11. haha yeahh its me :) okay i'll add you now x

  12. Ahhh so thats you! Yeahh am always like "GIRL WITH LUPO" add me on FB, James Cordell x

  13. i do haha, im sure ive seen you a few times on friday street car park..

    had it for nearly a year now, its soft blue :)

  14. Hey, you have a Lupo and you live in chorley? :o

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