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    lupo 1.4s 75hp (yellow)
  1. Ha Ha just thought it might of been you as you live close by and it says you have a Yellow Lupo in "Currently driving". Mines a yellow 1.4s

  2. Erm no I wasn't in langly on Tuesday haven't got my Lupo any more but what colour Lupo yu got?

  3. Hey! Where you in Langly tuesday night about 2am? My mate thought it was me and was flashing his police car at it....lol

  4. That does it for me WIN WIN
  5. DO IT!! SICKO Wheels Cars looking on top form with the new stance
  6. is that on your own or are you a named driver? cant wait for these pics gonna look PHATT!!
  7. how you affording the insurance i got a 2005 audi a3 1.6 petrol and its £3500 looks phatt tho can wait to see this in gloss orange
  8. No worry's I didn't realise you knew him LoL
  9. That's really not funny!! would be proper pissed if that was you or me. Hope you get it sorted soon rich
  10. Spot on LooKs the nuts but can i ask what alpine double din that is looks to nice
  11. Well deserved trophys buddy spot on looks amazing
  12. are they 14x7 all round? I'm jealous been looking for a while for those wheels car looks phat in the last few pics
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