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  1. They will be for sale at my stall on Sunday at UD this weekend. To the pm's I've had sorry I don't need swaps as I sold the lupo. Cash only I'm sorry to say.
  2. blueybug

    1.4 lupo engine

    Does anyone have, or know where I can get a 1.4 75bhp engine. Must be a runner and preferably be seen to be running. Cash waiting but will only be paid if the engine is good.
  3. Am I right in thinking that my two problems 1. Drivers side window "sometimes goes down, sometimes dont work" 2. My door lock on drivers door "sometimes works/turns all the way round/stick key in and windows pop down" Are BOTH the same fix? Or what do I need to fix both. This is not good at a Mac D drive through and the window wont come down
  4. I'll get a pic of mine up tomorrow
  5. Well.......... I own one so I was thinking of posting up your taxi look lupos and if there are a few around get a little display of them at a show next year
  6. blueybug

    Tow Bar

    What is a lupo towing?
  7. blueybug

    Tow Bar

    Easy The weight of the 1.4 is 850kg and my vans weight is 600kg It pulls it easy Its been all over the uk. If you go to many VW shows look out for a taxi looking loop and and a caravan
  8. blueybug

    Tow Bar

    Ive a 1.4 with towbar I pull a caravan with my loop! You cant get a gti towbar and its to do with the rearbox coming in the center of the bumper. Also........... towbar makers are not producing anymore bars for loops, mine was put on in June and that was the last one the company had
  9. Was it you that came over to my stall and looked at my bra? OOhh er! ( Taxi Loop )
  10. Nice to meet you Mr Silver, hope you find your golden caravan soon thanks to everyone who brought stickers from the stall, keep the Lupo on the road for another year
  11. Er........... NO! Nice try thou Mr Silver may choose a sticker but most (infact nearly all) are very rude indeed so he may want to pass on such offer
  12. No worries pop over I'll have the TV on, fridge filled with beer and food in a cosy pikey wagon
  13. The shop was "hacked into" the chap who runs it had to close it down till he sorts out everything If you see this....... Feel free to point and laff
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