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  1. one yellow rag top and a silver on with after market wheels, usually parked in the same spot.
  2. yerr i agree! i was looking at the new passat badges which look quite cool but there 40mm bigger, just thought if the raised bit wasnt there the passat one might fit. was also thinking about the new gti grills with the two red lines, would be a propper diy job thou lol
  3. found this pic on here somewhere, it looks like the badge is bigger with out the raised mounting bracket thing? im lookin at doin something diffterent with my gti grill so wondered if anyone can shed light on this
  4. Richud

    wilwood calipers

    cheers for the info! hit or miss as to weather the g60 discs fit then, probably best buy the whole kit.
  5. Richud

    wilwood calipers

    the sport hubs must be different to the GTI ones then? did you buy them as a complete set? need to know if theres any difference between the g60 discs and the ones with the set.
  6. Richud

    wilwood calipers

    ok cheers! would it be worth me pm'ing foxy?
  7. Richud

    wilwood calipers

    probably best pm'ing the people that have wilwoods i think.
  8. Richud

    wilwood calipers

    thinking about gettin some wilwoods on the front of the lupo. i just have one question, will they work with my g60 discs?(brembo max 280mmx22mm) i believe i need the same kit that rally design sell for the mk2 golf. i phoned rally design today and the guy wasnt sure if they would work or not.
  9. you can only really do that if its a track car i suppose? can't just take your indicator out. OEM jim has the best induction on here imo
  10. is there really that much cold air available from this point?
  11. Cheers! I just hope the calipers iv ordered are the rite ones haha.
  12. thought it was time for a bit of an update, after having done nothing to the car for a couple of months i thought id treat it to some new poly rear bushes and re-paint the rear callipers while i was at it. took the rear sub frame off and was greeted by a nice bit of rust on all the welds. i treated the rust with some hammerite Krust and a bit of hammerite black spray, good as new lol. new poly bushes went in a treat when it came to refitting the brakes i found out the the damn bleed nipples had seized solid in the callipers so i took it to the garage today, got a phone call later telling me that both bleed nipples had snapped! which i half expected to be honest. got straight on ebay and ordered two new rear callipers, bloody nightmare. don't want that to happen again so iv got some stainless steel nipples on order and some braided brake hose.
  13. didn't see the sold post, doh.
  14. im interested in your wheels don't suppose you wanna sell them separetly?
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