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  1. Ah i see :S In that case I would say that's a fault I never noticed this in my fox (urban 1.4). I'm almost 100% sure that wasn't the case for my car. I don't have it anymore or i'd double check. Good luck getting it fixed
  2. In my fox, I always had to slide the seat part (the bit you sit on) before moving -any- of the back part anywhere (the bit your back is on ) So slide the seat, then when i stops (it should remember where it was), put the back rest thing back as it should be. John
  3. Hi everyone I don't post much here but I'm the guy with the red fox with tints if you've seen it anywhere lol I've just moved onward and upward and got myself a ford focus 1.8 tdci zetec! I'm very pleased with it so don't take the piss too much The one and only reason I had to upgrade was because I was sick of driving something both slower AND less economical than almost every diesel out there... Love the fox though always will
  4. bloody hell i just specced up a fox on the volkswagen website to £11,690.00 with some extras i wanted lol........ can't believe the 1.2 is going for 7100 brand new now.. shocking
  5. wow impressive!! you can get a golf with a 1.4 TSI with 170 though lol would rip my little fox to pieces oh well has anyone driven one of these turbo and supercharged engines? surely it can't be smooth going from 1 to the other... can it??
  6. wow im shocked! only 2 09 plates i've seen are both dropped.... like a normal car not really low on coilovers dropped..... weirddd just a coincidence i guess! thanks though lol
  7. I've just been to a VW dealership and I'm sure I saw an 09 fox on the road, it doesn't appear to be on stilts any more!!!!! Can anyone clarify this at all? I'm so jealous haha
  8. only thing i can think of is that you forgot to plug your aux connector in lol.... not 100% sure if it is another connector but can you double check if there is a lose wire you haven't connected? :S on a side note, have you got your rear door speakers connected to head unit or powered from amp that powers your parcel shelf/sub or a separate amp?
  9. i read in a news paper, if people keep using the deal at this rate, it will end by October. simple as that really
  10. i don't notice any body roll... for the height it's exceptional doesn't anyone agree??
  11. omg it's been 3 years that the Fox has been out and the newest member makes all the lupo owners jealous haha i keep my CD case in it!!
  12. damn right i'm happy with my fox bright red on alloys what more could I want from a car lol i love my 1.4 fox, i do quite a lot of motorway miles but i don't really like big cars cos i'm only young i might not buy it again if I went back in time, but that's true of any brand new car really, such a "waste of money" hehehe my favourite bit about it is when people see it for the first time and they are quite shocked i've got such a new car at my age lol, and no my parents don't pay for it i work full time lol
  13. lol so what you waiting for?
  14. shame that skoda is in the background lol nice shot of the car though definitely nicest fox you ever saw? Not much to please you he could do it with £1000 surely?
  15. woo fixed under warranty! took 2 hours though
  16. so weird lol the picture is 5 stud the stats say 4 stud thanks mate
  17. Hey everyone i posted a stupid alloy question a while ago and i looked a tit lol can you guys let me know if these will fit on a my fox?? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/17-Alloy-Wheels-Blac...bayphotohosting http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/17-Alloy-wheels-Inov...:0|293:2|294:50
  18. Thanks for the confidence buddy I'll keep ya posted
  19. Wow only £10??? Not a vw main dealer then right?
  20. Hey mate thanks for quick reply Nah can't open it at all gonna call vw tomorrow book it in I guess
  21. Hey everyone I just jumped in my car about to open my bonnet to check the oil......... my bonnet opener has broken...... I did NOT break it... and as far as I know i'm the only one to open it recently........ When I pull the handle back it's like it's not attached to anything... it's just totally free moving and doesn't spring back... Now i've looked closer at the handle... there is black insulation tape on the handle it looks like a bodge job was done on it I bought the car brand new and I really hope volkswagen fix it under warranty :S Please please can everyone let me know asap if they have black tape or anything weird looking on their handle see picture thanks everyone
  22. seem fine to me. let me know how they sound although i've now got 6x9s on my parcel shelf and there is just NO comparison. they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much louder than the ones in the back
  23. lol some people (including me) think it's good to document some modifications somewhere where better than a forum specifically for your car? maybe he wanted some opinions? personally i love my rear wiper and would never want to lose it lol but i agree it has made the car look very tidy
  24. nice one on putting the silver bit back on mate, really nice job i'm fitting an induction kit to mine this week i'll post pics of my engine lol.... as ya do oh and new windscreen wipers. mine is a 57 plate still on factory wipers. got mint new ones i hope they fit and everything
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