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  1. Ok thanks was torqued up to the correct spec...50nm and 45 degrees... Was more worried about getting it off again if needed as my 30mm socket is 12 point which I bought for a 12 point nut...Suppose I can get a 6 point one if needed in the future.
  2. So I replaced the cv joint but the hub nut that came with the joint is a 6 sided one and not the 12 point VW style one... Is this going to cause me any issue at any point down the line. Why is 12 point used.
  3. No I didn't do any more driving investigated and an outer cv boot was ripped open so I've replaced said boot and put a new joint on while I was there to be on the safe side.. This seems to have cured it. One more question hub not was usual 12 point one and on replacement joint is 6 sided. Does it really make much difference or should I go to VW and get a 12 point one ordered up. Thanks
  4. Terrible banging from the front end, gets worse when warm under acceleration. Clutch in and freewheeling seems ok. Any ideas where I should start looking..Its on a 1.4tdi
  5. Yea get it, only problem I've got is my helper pressing the pedal will be my girlfriend haha
  6. Ok I'll give that a go. I only haven't done that as on all the stuff I read it says don't press pedal with drum off as theres a chance of having the pistons pop. But will give me a chance to see whats going on I guess. I need to do some more research on what all the bits do I guess. I didn't even know the retainers could be adjusted.
  7. Rear brake is binding slightly...I thought it was a faulty wheel cylinder so I've changed this but its still doing it. I notice that it only does it on the foot brake and not the handbrake and that if I give the drum a tap with a hammer it will release and spin freely how it should. Any idea as I've now done a wheel cylinder and regreased everything and can't see what the problem is. Help appreciated.
  8. Gauging interest in this. Was supposed to be for the girlfriend but she can't get insurance on it...I'm driving it at mo.. 05 Fabia Vrs Full complete service history with every bill... 94k ugrades as follows Upgraded alarm Eibach front arb Rear Arb Weitec Coilovers Cupra bushes front and back Miltek exhaust 312 uprated brakes (best braking car I've ever owned there awesome) Seat strutbrace silicone boost hoses darkside larger air pipe PD160 intake Jabbasport cone in box Seat Surgeons leather seats heiko wind deflecters slightly tinted rear windows Kenwood double din dvd, sat nav system Motorolla bluetooth handsfree Hid depo front lights and fogs Rear light changed to better looking ones octavia 17" spiders powder coated in Antharite and no marks H+R spacers with correct bolts and lockers remap with printout. just been through Mot so 13months mot As you can see a massive spec and alot of money has been spent. Alot was carried out at Awesome Gti, Add into this all the extra bits its had done and its had 1000's spent on it. I had the headgasket and waterpump replaced with genuine items and also the injector seals at the same time as suggested by the wonderful Midland Vw. This was not very long ago and not cheap. Also had expensive pd150 bolts fitted at the same time to stop headlift. Looking for £4500 owes me more and if I can't get this I'll just start to flog the bits and pieces and then reduce the price accordingly. Be a shame as its a great looking motor. Report this image
  9. you ever come anywhere near Brum or North Devon. I'd have these in a flash
  10. So theres a bit more than is in the picture is that right??? Need to get internal diameters for my boost hoses to see if these might be useful...
  11. Will take a sensible offer...
  12. Set of rare Le castellet wheels. These wheels are forged not cast so are stong and light. Had them on my lupo and look great. All wheels had a refurb before I had them and are all in good condition. 1 has an odd mark but that being picky. Tyres 2 x 4mm 2 x 5mm Hankook and Goodyear. Looking for £250 as there rare especially in this condition. Got more pics if needed.
  13. I've heard a Mk1 Golf Rivage aswell
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