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  1. I would leave it alone! Nothing wrong with the standard wheels on the Fox. Then again, I only change bits on my cars when they need replacing due to wear and tear.
  2. Hello there, Foxy Roxy! Top of the range model, eh? Should be good.
  3. MPG is consistently about 44, but I don't do much motorway driving, and I would expect it to be better if I was. Yeah, the doors need a hefty push!
  4. My first car was an '85 Polo C with a 1043 cc engine, 40 bhp on tap, no servo. assistance on the brakes, manual choke, and just the four gears. It was considered to be a well equipped supermini back then! Yes, it had front seat head restraints! It was quite 'nippy', mind. Very light. Wouldn't mind a drive of it now, just for comparison, but it's probably long since gone. Ever seen the film 'Genevieve'? The bit where they get held up by the old gent who's first car was the same model as their Darracq? That'll be me in 40 years time, lol.
  5. I was looking places like that. You call them and they come along and repair it, right? A mobile version of the service Halfords offer? What about Halfords, then? Are they any good? Do they charge per chip, or will I get the lot done for the one fee?
  6. I don't really want to mess with it myself. The car is only four months old and I have no experience of this sort of thing. I was thinking of taking it back to the VW dealer I bought it from and asking for a quote. I know it'll be expensive, but I'd like it to be dealt with properly. Failing that, there's Halfords own service. My last car suffered from rusted stone chip damage, and I don't want it again!
  7. Four of them, almost grouped together. Fairly sizeable. Three of them are still showing red paint, one is down tot he undercoat. Best way to deal with them, please? Or should I just take the car to Halfords and let them deal with it, for a hefty price? I tried taking a picture of the damage to be posted here, but it doesn't show up at all well.
  8. Probably because the site is called what it's called! Also, I suspect that the majority of UK Fox drivers don't give two hoots about discussing the pros and cons of their vehicle, and just want a low profile, affordable, reliable runabout. I also suspect that quite a few Fox drivers are retired OAPs! Nothing flashy about these cars, and I can imagine the younger brigade (I'm 39, btw, sort of in the middle of all this) turning their noses up at the Fox and opting for something with more 'sporty', lol. What do you reckon? Am I wide of the mark with my assumptions?
  9. Aye, it's not exactly over populated on here, lol. You know they have a 1.6 petrol Fox in South America? And a turbo diesel? There's an ultra cheapo 1 litre model, too. The 1.4 has 74 bhp on tap, so it should be quite a bit quicker. Worse mpg, higher insurance group, and more emissions, though. As well as the price premium. I never considered buying any Fox but the base model, myself.
  10. Do you think VW will introduce more Fox models in the UK, possibly using different engines, or will they just replace it with a completely new model? I ask because I can easily imagine myself (unless something goes drastically wrong with htis one in the next four years!) buying another one, so long as the price doesn't increase much.
  11. Hello, PJ. A new post at last. I'd almost given up! Nobody has sat in the back in my Fox yet, lol. 2200 miles up now (four and a half months). No problems at all, touch wood. You think they're slow? I don't agree. Enough go for my needs (although, I don't often carry passengers, so I'm travelling light). The slick gearchange helps with quick getaways, too.
  12. 1700 miles up now. No problems. Got to the stage where I couldn't imagine driving anything else, lol. Bought a boxed town and trail bike the other week, fro Halfords. Managed to fit it in the Fox, just. Another couple of inches and I would have been stuck. Summary:- nothing to report.
  13. I don't know what it is, but I like it. This engine is also used the Polo, Seat Ibiza, and Skoda Fabia, IIRC. Wonder if they also get to hear this wonderful noise?
  14. Not just me, either. I was chatting with another Fox (1.2) owner and he has also noticed this. I listen out for it now, lol. Slightly disturbing, yet strangely comforting............ As if my Fox is falling asleep after a job well done.
  15. Redfox

    my fox

    It does look good. VW UK really should expand the range of Fox models available here. A (miildly!) souped-up Fox would go down a treat, imo, and boost the whole range's image. They have a 1.6 Fox in Brazil.............. http://www.vw.com.br/default.asp can't link to a specific model, just the whole catalogue. Note the CrossFox! And the estate version. Oh, and the five door Fox..............
  16. Well, I always wear spectacles with anti-glare built into them, so they can flash away all day.
  17. Taller than, for example, a Range Rover? I think not. No, it sounds like a one-off problem to me.
  18. Hmmm , haven't noticed anyone getting agitated................. There is a control on the left column stalk for adjusting the beam according to how much wieght you're carrying, but you've probably tried changing that, right? Couldn't your VW dealer actually test the car at night. Seems a bit irresponsible of them not to have done so.
  19. Righto........ I take your point about all the controls bunged onto the column stalks. I'm used to having separate headlight controls on the dashboard. The Fox controls work well enough, but I'd still put it down to costcutting on VW's part. That glove box is a bit of a joke, too.
  20. No apologies ever necessary on here! Post what you think is true and stand by it. Confused, though........... Are you both FoxyUK and FoxUK?!
  21. At the risk of sounding sexist, the Fox is definitely a girly car. Don't think I've seen any blokes driving them yet! You think so? Even though (this base model I have, anyway) it has naff all extras, and isn't considered to be a stylish car at all? I would have said the opposite is true. It's a stripped down, almost ulitarian vehicle in many ways. Anyhow, I sure as Hell ain't no "girly"!
  22. Hello, Sue Foxy and Black Vixen! Aye, took me a few days to get used to my Fox. You do sit quite high up, and those front pillars are a bit strange at first (and I'm a poor parker to start with). LIke I've said before, though, the Fox is a remarkably easy car to wash! Very few awkward bits to clean, mainly due to the unfussy styling. 1100 miles on mine now. No defects so far. Fuel economy seems to have improved a bit since I bought it. Still haven't been on a really long motorway run. Must engineer such a trip soon, lol.
  23. Went shopping at Morrisons tonight. Was in a bit of a rush and it was nearly closing time when I departed the store. Went to unlock my car door, but the key wouldn't turn. "Oh crap, maybe the lock is broken.", I think. Try the boot, same, key won't turn. Maybe the key itself is damaged? Looks okay......... Now thinking, "Hell, I'm going to have to walk home and fetch my spare key." Then I notice how dirty my car has suddenly become. I just washed it at the weekend! Then I glimpse the number plate. It's a 57 reg.! Mine's an 08 plate! My car is actually further back in the (nearly empty!) car park. This car is nigh on identical, though, another red VW Fox. While I'm standing there just realising what's happened, the owner of this car is striding towards me looking none too pleased, lol. "I've just realised it's not my car!" I show him my VW key and keyring. "Aye, it's alright, mate.", he says, although his expression suggests otherwise. I get out of there............ Awful, eh? Maybe it's time I became one of Terry Wogan's Old Geezers, lol.
  24. I managed to polish it to near invisiibility, thanks. Now I've noticed a reasonably sized chip of paint missing from the front bumper, lol. Plastic, right? How do you lot repair damage like that? It's black underneath.
  25. I'll try that, thanks. Looks like vandalism to me. I certainly haven't damaged it myself. EDIT Probably just paranoid, lol. I could JUST feel it with my fingernail, and after spending the last 15 minutes polishing (Autoglym) over it with some pressure, I've reduced it's visibility by about 60% or so and I can't catch it with my nail now. I might give it another going over tomorrow, see if I can reduce it some more. Is it likely to rust, do you think, if I leave it like that? Very small scratch. New car, and I'm really fussing over it, lol....................
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