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  1. Cooky

    Lupo GTi Exhaust

    looking for a standard gti exhaust or janspeed. cheers
  2. You got black sun visors with the mirrors??
  3. As the title says! Looking for a working ECU and some black sun visors with mirrors intact! Cheers
  4. been done over by two breaker yards lyring and sending the wrong parts. go the cash back though. just in desporate need of a working TB for my Lupo GTi 036 133 062 J Bosch part no 0 280 750 112 cheers
  5. Cooky

    Lupo GTi Sun Visors

    yeah man i know the odds are slim. i spoke to VW im sure they wanted like £60-80 each. but im unsure. dont want to spending too much on the car as im gunna sell it. shes just been sat collecting dust for a year
  6. Cooky

    Black Lupo S

    oh just read the description. haha
  7. Just after a set of lupo GTi sun visors. they have to be in the black trim and have the mirrors in UNBROKEN. Thanks a Bunch
  8. Defcon you ar a true gent. :D youve just made my week thanks man! ill send you some Savlon for yah burn
  9. ohhhhh yeaahhhhh i forgot im too lazy to look arent i? how about im in the middle of the north sea? At work? and about 300 miles away form my car? maybe thats why im asking? im just after a the number so i can ring a breakers and get one? whats with the craic on here
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