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  1. Thanks you just saved me a few quid i won't buy one 😀
  2. Has anyone done engine and gearbox oil change on the 1.7 SDI with one of those electric pumps ? Did it get most of the oil out? Would it be ok for gearbox oil also ? Thanks
  3. So 2002 should be ok for Micky mouse clip for valve ? Not r clip
  4. Great stuff I got a silver SDI 130k , but seen a lime green one and couldn't resist it only 79k but been a veg burner and vibrates bad at idle putting new fuel filter on it might sort that out. Plus I got to Stranraer for £17 from Wigan in silver love these cars.
  5. But there is 2 types of valve?
  6. Hi does anyone know how I work out the correct fuel filter I need for my 1.7 SDI as it has come with a cheap aftermarket one as it was burning veg oil. It's a 2002 any way of working it out by vin number not sure if I need one with r clip or Mickey mouse clip for valve thanks
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