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  1. Update……… Replacement CCM purchased 1/3 from eBay for £30 delivered, arrived earlier in the week. Fitted yesterday by my son, all lock motors work perfectly from key and internal lock button. Tonight, re-learnt key to car for remote and now works perfectly only been like it for 2 years. What a relief, surprising how you get used to remote locking and alarm. Thanks to all responses 👍🏼
  2. Looks like someone has stolen the springs and let the tyres down 👎🏽
  3. Just thought I would put up a picture of the car. It’s a 2001,July,Y reg in flash red ,6 speed, done 116k and we’ve had it for 2 1/2 years. That Delorean belongs to my youngest son , my eldest has one also.
  4. Does anyone know of any other fuses regarding the central locking motors? I can only see the one one the fuse panel cover !
  5. Hi mk2 and thanks for your ongoing contact. I have checked the fuses before, but there only appears to be one in the fuse box, or are there some hidden. When you replied yesterday we had already located and removed the ccm, THAT WAS EASY 🤣🤣 the photos are attached. There is some discolouration on the cct board see last cct board picture.
  6. Yes, the lock motors don’t work, whether locked externally or internal.. the tailgate lock works, but again not as part of the central locking. We had considered by logic that the ccm was the only other option. Do you know how many of the part numbers have to match in order to get a replacement. Thanks
  7. The central locking DOES NOT work whether via key fob remote or via manual lock/ barrel. All doors and have have to locked/ unlocked manually. From inside the car, the armrest lock button does nothing, also if you push the door lock button down it only locks its own door individually The ALARM, can be disarmed via key fob once manual unlock of drivers door has taken place. hope this may make more sense.
  8. Hi everyone, new here, and, to pick your brains as I’m stumped. Lupo GTI - central locking not working, remotely or manually via lock barrel. As above, works from neither door or either remote. VCDS has confirmed key is talking to car, but no operation, no other fault codes present. Drivers door lock module has been swapped for new, made no difference! When door is locked manually, alarm arms a gives a short SQUEAK from alarm sounder, and indicators flash. Can be unlocked manually, and disarmed via unlock button on key, and car can be used normally. M
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