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  1. Thanks I had looked at that. Don't know where to look to find out if it is a 77kw.
  2. Well not sure about that. On the petrol cap it says 91/95 Ron whatever that means.
  3. Ok rang VW. Gave them the details of my Lupo. They went away, it took a little while. They then came back and said my Lupo was Not compatible with the E10 Petrol. However E5 will be continuing. No Automatic UP..... so looks like at some point might be switching to a Hyundi i10 Could be worse.
  4. Thanks very much. Mine is a 2002 Automatic. Not sure what Engine it has.
  5. Thanks very much. Mine is a 2002 Automatic. Not sure what Engine it has.
  6. ok have noticed on the petrol pumps they have started to put on E5 stickers. Now didn't notice them before. I know my Lupo isn't compatible with E10 as too old. What will happen? Will all E5 be taken off forecourts. Just going to have some extra work done on my Lupo but if I have to scrap the car in September what is the point! Most unhappy. There must be at least one of you who knows all about this. Thanks M
  7. Mine is a 2002 Plate. Was 6 years old when I bought it. No plans to sell yet....
  8. I did query about my auto box. When I take to other garage, shall ask them. Thanks. I would like to post pics, not sure how. 😞
  9. Well they have been taking my money for 11 years. Looks like I shall have to look for a new garage.
  10. Well a week ago the garage told me I wouldn't get it through the MOT for something that cost about 50p! So took it to two chaps who do bodywork, they found a second hand part and fitted it. All was well. However now die for MOT and Service in a few weeks. I am worried the same thing will happen again but with a different part.
  11. Now I am not saying anyone would want to buy my Lupo. It is 2002 plate, automatic in very good condition indeed. I am now in a position to buy a new car. However loath to get rid of my Lupo. Only 50k on the clock. The garage I go to for all its work are now saying they only fit new parts. Apart from changing garages what should I do? Buy a new car (Hyundi) Find someone who wants to buy mine? Scrap it? Thanks for all your help.
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