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  1. Hi Guys, Some good information on the taxing and importation. I am currently in the market for a nice clean 3L with Cruise control, sunroof , (Park assist - Joking) so the information on this thread is beneficial. Looks like I will be making some trips across the water to view/purchase the ideal car, given how scarce they are here in the UK. If anyone has any suggestions or know of one then please hola. Thanks all
  2. Hi Guys and Girls, New member here from Kent (UK). I previously owned a 1.7sdi nicknamed 'Wally' which was a commuter car for bad weather which allowed me to keep the mileage off my weekend car and also saved me from using my motorbike when the weather was grim. Loved the Lupo which had 196,000 miles when I sold it. Fantastic car and it made me grin from ear to ear due to the torque that this little beastie had. Many an Audi would underestimate the speed of this 'badboy' and it made me chuckle as I punched it...... Some years later I find myself looking for another Lupo as I miss 'Wally' but this time I am in the market for a 3L. Really enjoyed my ownership not forgetting the ridiculously cheap running costs and reliability. Have two other cars in my stable and I also enjoy collecting watches and other nostalgic and rare items. Thanks for now :)
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