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  1. I had reverse? I was moving it back and forth and then it just went? Do you think it could be goosed? I'll keep trying Nate
  2. I've tried adjusting the 13mm bolt and it seems to go into the "reverse" position alot easier now but it still goes forward I cant seem to find reverse I'm not very good at pulling and pushing the gear linkage into place
  3. Sport-2-GTI


    I am yes. I recently found out i dont actually need to change the incar loom. I am devostated my old loom has now gone and its impossible to find someone breaking a lupo with electric wing mirrors and sunroof :'(
  4. Amazing ill get on that and make sure it goes into reverse
  5. Sport-2-GTI


    In desprate need of a full in car loom from a lupo that had elecric sun roof please if anyone can help me?? Please? Thank you all Kurtis
  6. Please tell me you have this?? Or still have the in car loom???
  7. Is anyone breaking a lupo that has a sunroof? Im in need of the full in car loom? All plugs in tact including heater control, door plugs, rear lights ect. If you have one for sale please message me im in desprate need Thank you all Kurtis
  8. Would it be easier to do with the gear linkage disconnected?
  9. How do I know where reverse in? And once it's in reverse and i move it backwards how do i then get it to select reverse again? From inside the car? I dont mind getting dirty it's a hobby of mine hahah I'll do my best yeah thank you.. but where is reverse located on the box? What way do I push/pull? Thank you
  10. Okay mate no worries thank you so much
  11. There is nothing loose on the inside of the car side mate.. under the boot everything is tight and as it should be mate
  12. From the inside of the car under the boot??
  13. Right okay what a bummer recon I should ask a few people on the polo forum or polo page on Facebook?? poop sorry mate I should have said
  14. My clutch is cable not hydraulic buddy. Could this still be the case? Is there any kind of adjustment screws/bolts on the gearbox side of things if the cable adjustment doesnt work? I cant find any sort of hole to line the gearknob up in the neutral position? Is it just all a case of trial and error when doing the cable adjustments? And doing it by eye? Thanks again mate
  15. If this fails.. is the anything on the gearbox itself that I could adjust? I've has a look under the car and there is abit of gearbox fluid on the bottom of the gear box? Thank you for your help:)
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