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  1. Mk2, nah I'm not on about the speedo sensor. It's the two speed sensors that are on the back of the gearbox! These two sensors are about a foot away on the same leval about as the speedo sensor. Sausage; the two plugs on the loom side where the gearbox speed sensors connect are less than an inch apart so it's not possible to guess which one is the closest on cable length or relative position of loom side plugs. They are both about an inch long half inch dia and shiny, both are held in by 10mm short bolt and look the same except one of them has a male two pin plug on the end of a foot long sheathed cable while the other has a female two pinned plug. Obviously each plug can only fit the corasponding plug on the loom side, I just don't know which hole out of the two in the gearbox takes the sensor with the female plug and which hole in the gearbox takes the sensor with the male plug! I have tried just swapping the sensors over then. Resetting the TCM by turning on the car then putting it in park then turning off for 10secs but the car remains in limp mode! I could have another problem with the wiring harness but it's of course prudent to make sure them two sensors are in there correct locations before moving the fault finding on! I'm still not sure if my rebooting of the TCM is correct as well. I'm in Filey if anyone's got a manual to consult? I'm off to my Seat dealer in Seamer prob tomorrow as they seem to be guenuinly happy to help with part locations ect.
  2. I've removed two sensors from the back of the gearbox, both of them are the same although they have slightly different numbers. The only difference is the connectors! One has a two pin male and the other a two pin female, the problem is that the two sensors can fit into each other's holes and I've forgot if the female two pin sensor goes in the left orafice that's nearer the fly wheel or if goes in the other hole! The TCM will need the correct sensor values from the correct component of the gearbox. The Jack plugs on the end of the 9inch cable on both sensors are different. If someone has a manual then it should show which sensor goes to which hole in the auto box. Thanks though.
  3. If you just need to get to the shops then it's an ok motor but not good on mpg. Needs to be real cheap to make lack hp liveable. Better than a Lada or Yogo! The automatic isn't very clever! Your 60hp feels like 20! It's got 4wheels and keeps you dry and it's made with VW parts so you pays your money, you makes your choice. If it's cheap and in good nick, also a manual then go for it.
  4. Car started cutting out dead at low speeds but started up and ran OK after 5mins. Got a crank sensor code and open circuit on oxy sensor code so without checking fuse board I changed crank sensor! I found this really hard to find as there wasn't any info at all on line. Before I found the crank sensor (which was behind the starter motor) I pulled two speed sensors off the back of gear box thinking/hoping stupidly that the fly wheel was massively inside the gear box!!!! and that I had found the crank sensor! Right then, this is where it goes bad, I'm dyslexic and the two speed sensors have different plugs on, ones female (2 pin) and the other speed sensor has a male connector but I've forgotten which one goes in which location. Standing at front of car so batt is on the right these two sensors are on back of the auto box about leval with each other about 6inch apart the right sensor is in a little as the shape of gear box narrows the further right you look. The car now starts after I decided to do things in a more ordaly way and found blown fuses and a knackered fuel pump NOT a unnessisery £50 crank sensor!!! Anyway the car now is stuck in limp mode giving P1626 code! 3rd gear only in drive. I can get reverse and 1st but it pulls away in 3rd in drive. I also pulled all plugs next to/under the coil pack but moved the round multi plug to enable me to get room to connect the new crank sensor plug in. Whoever designed that metal frame that holds all them connectors in such a stupidly tight inaccessible place wants talking to! Right then; can someone tell me which way round the speed sensors go on the back of the auto box or help in any directions please, also; is there a reboot system to reset limp home mode or do you just turn it off in park for 10secs? If them two sensors are wrong way round then it'll get wrong values! I have swapped them but it didn't change anything. After I changed the crank sensor (cheap copy not Bosh) and fuel pump it ran for 8miles ok but then when I got back in it to come home then it went into limp! I don't know what I was thinking by not checking spark and fuel right from the start, please don't laugh too loud cos I'm feeling very fragile lol thanks for reading, Peter PS; wish I hadn't plugged the code reader in so dam quickly!
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