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  1. Also the guy did keep the revs very low at all times when driving it - he did offer me a drive and I declined but it did make me wonder about the clutch so definitely worth checking if you go see it
  2. Good bits: Good service history up to about 3 years ago, main dealer & a local place. Then the guy serviced it himself & kept invoices / wrote down what he'd done - no issues there. Start and drove well and held temperature no problem, new tires, discs, pads, alternator, battery, exhaust. Xenons fine. All the aluminium panels are present (tested with magnet) Not so good bits: Milage is 150 not 140 as advertised, MOT shows brake hoses & CV boots need replacing soon. Mechanically: window regulator needs replacing, remote central locking couldn't be demonstrated as fob battery low (not a concern if that is the issue but impossible to demonstrate the system worked), only one key present, intake was split and taped up. CD player broken,. Cosmetically I am used to mint cars and whilst this wasn't terrible it was definitely not great either - I did ask before driving 3 hour round trip about paint bubbling and he said it was clear but the roof rail on driver side was bad, at least the size of a cigarette pack all blistered up, made me wonder how bad under the paint. Minimum would be a roof respray and I would wonder how deep the corrosion would go once rubbed back. Then 2 alloys were kerbed - not too bad. The drivers door was badly marked all along the edge, the front bumper has a bad scuff that you can see in the photo, then either the rear bumper or the rear quarter (can't remember) has a patch of missing paint the size of a 50p coin that has been repaired with touch in. The front wheel arches on the edge that faces the wheel, have lots of tiny marks that look like the start of blisters. Rear bumper had a smaller scratch on. Interior was OK but the door cards showed lots of use - looked tired I think it needs a full respray but it is debatable whether that is worth it on a £2500 car when minters are available for little more with less miles. HOWEVER - if you wanted a car to drive about in and didn't care about a few marks, it is good mechanically however the roof needs doing now IMO. Add to this that it is the 5 speed, it doesn't do it for me. It's a car for someone with a / access to a bodyshop
  3. I’m guessing if you’ve still got this it doesn’t have much nostalgia value
  4. Thanks - what do the plastic strips do exactly then - just cosmetic? Are the GTis reliable apart from that? I have another car that is really expensive to run and this one needs to be cheap!
  5. Don’t laugh but would a bead of silicone underneath surface?
  6. Can just the gutters be resprayed though or is it all the roof? and is there a fix to stop it happening again like improvements to the trim strip or something and do the trims need to come out to inspect it properly and how do they come off exactly so I can inspect it when I look at the car? Thanks
  7. Looking for a Lupo GTi as a fun little runabout Apparently the roof gutters can show some paint bubbles as water can get trapped in it There are lots of people saying they got this sorted free on the 12 year rust warranty but that’s gone now as the oldest cars were 2005 What would remedying it involve does anyone know Presumably if the oxidation occurs from surface water trapped in the channel, it is just superficial and a local smart repair or basic rundown and por15 type diy treatment would suffice maybe?
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