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  1. Check your suspension geo bolts, I'll be amazed if they're not seized. Failure of Honda to grease them properly in the factory means most owners, by now, will have them locked in place... Yours being an import means it's not suffered horrible salted roads for some years before it came here. It'll be oxidising though, they all do... :,(
  2. Thanks for flagging that eBay one you lot. It's not so far away and the mods are (mostly) performance orientated... Would prefer it to be pure, but there's such little choice at the moment it seems.
  3. All Japanese roadsters are prone to rust unless undersealed, which I'm getting done on mine very soon. The engines will go on and on and on, despite their ability to hit that 9k limiter. Quite an incredible engine really. Up your budget to say, 9k, and you'll get something in a much better condition than the 6k'ers out there (in most cases anyway). Sweet spot is between 2004 and 2006, cheaper tax (post 2006 it's 500 quid!) and 2004 was the AP1 facelift year. One thing is for certain, they won't be making this engine again - emissions laws have seen to that. It's an exciting car to drive and rewards working it hard.
  4. The true north is the North pole, from the arctic cirle upwards. Hallo! It is ridiculously good fun, well built, and a riot to drive. Rifle bolt manual gearbox and you have to work the car hard to launch it to the 9k RPM limiter. 9000 rpm. That's sports motorbike territory Get one before the prices rise beyond mortal means. Rust-free, well cared-for ones go for 15k plus at the moment. It is an atmospheric experience, that's before you drop the roof and take it down your favourite B roads on a sunny day. Not that we have many of those nowadays.
  5. Morning all, Thanks for the add to these forums. I see many nice looking Lupos around, and a friendly community. I'm currently in the market for a GTi, and had a couple of questions to try and narrow down my search. > Are any of you considering selling? I've a budget of between 2.5/3.5k. Not looking for an ultra low mile rare, just a well-maintained, rust-free example. Please point me in the right direction, or PM. > Regarding the spec; can anyone advise me what the rarest upgrades were to these little cars? I would love to get one with a sunroof and/or the heated leather seats, but appreciate these ones do come with a premium. Also would quite like a Raven blue, but know these are quite uncommon... I'm coming from a BMW Z4M Coupe & Honda S2000, so am hoping to enjoy the fizzy motor in the GTi whilst appreciating the tasty MPG. It should be first time driver friendly too, I'd put my other half on the insurance so she can get some driving practice. Thanks everyone. 🤑 Tom
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