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  1. Michelle

    Lupo headlights

    Thank you so much guys it turned out to be the stalk thanks for all your help
  2. Michelle

    Lupo headlights

    I've swapped the switch from another lupo that worked fine just the side lights still work tho, I've found where the relays are il check them soon, the lights won't flash when I pull the stalk back, I'm so confused and clearly know nothing lol.
  3. Michelle

    Lupo headlights

    Would my indicators still work if this was broken many thanks to all replies
  4. Michelle

    Lupo headlights

    Hi guys, bought a lupo and everything's fine except for the main beam and dip beam, side lights work but main beam won't.. I've changed fuses bought new headlights and bought a new switch but still no main beam any suggestions please would be great.. Thank you

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