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  1. stubbo1976

    Brake upgrade

    Hi guys, currently running G60 Calipers on Brembo discs with Red stuff ceramic pads, looking at what else I could run..4 pot/ 6 pot. I am running 15’s so can’t go above 280
  2. stubbo1976

    Swirl pot or not

    Hi guys, running a 20v conversion on my Lupo e with Hybrid K03s and upgrade in tank fuel pump, was looking for information on swirl pot fitting, or fuel filter upgrade to allow for better delivery as have noticed fuel surge when boosting or cornering hard.
  3. stubbo1976

    garage clearout

    Do you have the door cards?
  4. stubbo1976


    I’m running a AGU with KO3/s hybrid, stage 3 and around 300bhp. Thought the investment in cost wise of £320 it was a good idea, will look into info thanks Rich
  5. stubbo1976

    Hi all :)

    I’m new also but bought a friends 20v converted Lupo.
  6. stubbo1976


    Hey guys, have any of the 20v conversions thought about water/methanol kits. Obvious plus points are the added gains, but interesting to see if it aids longevity of internals with cooler operating temps.
  7. stubbo1976

    Biggest wheels possible..!!!

    16’s IMO don’t look right, sit to high. I’ve got XXR 527’s on mine which aren’t multifit, width is 195 with camber in.
  8. stubbo1976

    Engine Converted Lupos

    AGU 1.8t hybrid KO3/KO4 internals 280-300bhp
  9. stubbo1976


    It's more to do with heat soak from engine bay, when stopping car then re-starting about 5 mins after it can struggle to fire into life. But it's not a massive issue
  10. stubbo1976


    My main issue is FMI is sitting at bottom of car blocking radiator, it has a slimline fan which is powerful enough but thought about putting ducting running up each side from lower grille to aid bay cooling
  11. stubbo1976


    Hi guys, Was looking to see if any Lupo 1.8t conversion builds have thought or done anything about extra cooling in the engine bay, to try and compensate for heat wash
  12. stubbo1976


    Hi all, New member alert!! My names Rich and I have just bought my mates (Dan Hunt) Lupo 1.8t. He is a member on here and shared many threads, can't wait to start talking and comparing ideas with you all. ??

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