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    VW Lupo 1.4 Auto 1999
  1. Hi all ws wondering is there a difference between the cable for auto and manual. Having a few issues with mine i keep tightening it but cant get it perfect. I have auto but having no luck finding one auto specific?
  2. littlelegs85

    Electric windows not workin properly

    yeah I don't think its the switch either.. could possibly faulty wires
  3. littlelegs85

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Are these still available? Thanks
  4. littlelegs85

    Electric windows not workin properly

    yeah there both working fine both sides switches seem to work ok... just totally confusing as to why there stopping its almost like when the back ones go down so far for a child lock kinda thing? but as I say it does run all the way up and down which I know just cant get it to stay that way. thanks
  5. littlelegs85

    Electric windows not workin properly

    they both just stop clean at 3/4 way down.... last night I took it all out reset the runners to fully down put it back in... worked 3 or 4 times all the way down and back up, then the switch stopped working for a second when it started working again back to 3/4 down again... im stumped now?
  6. My lupo electric windows only go so far down... Do they all do this as standard? If so can i do anythin to modify it as its a bit of a pain. Iv only had the car 2 months n they have always done it but when i was at vw festival i noticed everyone elses went all the way down... Thanks
  7. littlelegs85

    new lupo owner

    Hi all, just bought myself a bargain of a car last week and am in love already. got a lime green lupo 1.4 auto 1999 was meant to have allsorts of problems and was advertised as spares/repairs. got it home sorted all the little problems out and today took it for its first run!! all going good so far. just a quick question until yesterday the auto gear selector was illuminated to show the different gears to select it was reddy/pink today after taking it for a run its not lighting up anymore will it just be a simple bulb and if so how do I locate it thanks Deb

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