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  1. I would think it's the same problem as I had. The latch position microswitch on the drivers door lock. You can get a complete new lock off fleabay for £19.98 - saves a load of hassle trying to change just the microswitch.
  2. Sure did fix it. Just need to find out if mine has remote central locking......not sure how you know if it's fitted? Mine only came with one standard key
  3. The 2003 Lupo GTI I recently bought only came with one standard key, not one with remote unlocking buttons. The key is not a genuine VW item, it's a pattern part (although it does have a transponder chip). So the question is, did all GTIs come with remote central locking?
  4. I think you will find it's the "door latch open" microswitch. I have just received my new lock module, so will fit it later and see what happens.
  5. Passengers sun visor please?
  6. Passengers sun visor Please?
  7. As title, wanted - Lupo GTI passengers side sun visor (black). Prefer one with the mirror intact!
  8. Could be an interesting one! Good luck.
  9. Yup, I have ordeted a complete lock Module off fleabay. Shall see what happens after that!
  10. Had the issue with the interior light not coming on when you unlock the car and the alarm going off if you don't put the key in the ignition quick enough. So got a new microswitch for the "door latch open" indication on the lock module and fitted it. Interior light now works fine when you open the door. But.....when I try and lock the door with the key nothing happens! You can lock it from the lock/unlock rocker switch on the drivers door and then unlock it from the outside, but not lock it from outside......very strange (I can hear the microswitch operating though). Just for good measure the alarm goes off for no apparent reason. I shall order a complete new door lock module and fit that. Will then see if I have buggered up something else inside the old one! Anybody near Ipswich got Vagcom? (apart from the dealers). Cheers.
  11. Recent Service history: Mileage: 89260 - oil & filter change, Mobil 1, rear discs & pads, OSF wheel bearing, set glow plugs 84522 - Replace heater control motor - Trident motors 78255 - MOT & minor service (long life oil), NSF wheel bearing & rear caliper replaced - Vindis Volkswagen 70587 - timing belt & water pump - Chesterford Engineering 69671 - oil & filter service & MOT - Chesterford Engineering 64083 - oil & filter service - Mark Todd MOT centre Some history before that from various VW and private garages
  12. VW POLO SPORT 3 door 1.9 Turbo Diesel 100bhp Very low insurance group £130 per year road tax 55mpg ONLY 3 PREVIOUS OWNERS Excellent condition both inside & out Electric mirrors & windows Original VW radio cassette and in-dash 6 disc CD changer Fully functioning multi function display (mpg, temp, journey distance, etc.) Lots of service history New front tyres fitted in January Rear tyres nearly new New rear brake discs & pads, slotted front discs MOT completed early Jan 15 Two original keys - remote central locking Currently showing 90,250 miles but will increase, used every day Stand out from the crowd - this is one unique Polo! £2300
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