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  1. I have the hose but they didn't come with the banjo bolts so thats what im looking for.
  2. In a few days im changing the flexible hose to the calipers but i need new banjo bolts as mine are rotten and wont be refitting them anyone know where i can get any online or the size would be appreciated thank you
  3. Hi guys not been on here for a bit but new problem i have a 1.4s 16v and after its been raining my car wont start the first time but will on the second but when i drive it stutters and wants to cut out but i put the revs up and it will be fine and after i have been driving it will run fine ive just had a new battery so it cant be that any help will be much appreciated thanks
  4. Hahaha you lad I've got new shafts on the way now just gonna go through a process of elimination to be honest the car needs the tlc as I've been doing a lot of miles lately so new parts are well welcome to be fitted on in my opinion lol 🤘🏻
  5. Just my luck the weather cleared for 10 minutes so I could swap them over still having the same thing even with them swapped over will definitely change shafts now not much else it could be...
  6. I'll give that a go when the rain here clears off and I'll let you know the results
  7. No movement in the diff flange had wheel bearings done on both sides still same noise happening will try new shafts now
  8. It's makes noise from 20 up to 70+ mph. I know for sure it's not the cv's as I've had a good look at them and they are sound on both sides I was thinking diff maybe bearing maybe going or if I have a bent drive shaft as it has marks on it from rubbing on something. I guess I can get the wheels looked at for good measure too.
  9. Hi guys I posted on here a few days ago saying the car developed a noise I've since then changed bearing and looked at the cv's and all is well with that still have the same rumbling sound brakes do not affect the noise so my only other guess is a bent drive shaft(s) anyone with a similar problem had this fixed before any help would be much appreciated Thanks Kieran
  10. Yeah the car is stiff suspension has very little travel in the shock probably don't help its polybushed I have bump stops in but they could do with replacing have seen a better time to be honest. If it happens again I'll probably see if I can get some made from mild steel not ally since ally is weak but if they are the original ones then they definitely served there time doing some almost 21 years? I can't complain if they are original parts.
  11. Nope the nuts still in place I should imagine over the years of being on the road with lowered suspension has caused damage over time causing the failure might use a washer under the nut
  12. Honestly I've put new coilovers in about 2 months ago they looked fine no sign of cracks or splits a few days ago it developed a horrible noise so I went over the car looking for everything diff drive shafts and wheel bearings anything that moves really then I noticed this as I was putting the suspension bolts back in and heard it pop up top and the whole strut dropped down to the ground I then looked at the other side and it to has a crack developed have found 2 replacements now its this damaged after I was putting it all back together today me tighten up the bolts must have pulled too hard and sent it through the whole way I'll laugh if this isn't the problem of the sound lol
  13. Know any where to get one I've looked for ages and no luck yet
  14. Hi guys I need to know the part number to this bit or links to any thanks Kieran
  15. I'm just about to look at the shafts and cv's also topping up the gearbox oil for peace of mind
  16. Hi guys Been doing a lot of motorway driving lately and I think it's damaged something on the car it sounds like wheel bearing but with a juddering noise coming from the front of the car I've looked right over the car ie wheel bearings disc brakes suspension. Now I'm thinking about gearbox or the diff inside might be damaged I have oil to fill it up with to see if this helps but if anyone has any similar problems then please let me know Thanks kieran
  17. I used a bolt that has a bit of thread at the end the rest it smooth it's fine for now until I can sort another one
  18. Yes sir it is need a quick fix so I'm using a nut and bolt fir now 😮
  19. So this is the end result of 160k miles just as I park up
  20. Hi guys I have fixed the problem I don't know how it could affect brakes and throttle but my o2 sensor was reading as earthing out or a shorting out as the wires was corroded and broken also I think the weather may have got to it. The car runs fine now as do the brakes assuming the car wasn't making enough vacuum to assist the brake servo thanks for the advice though much appreciated guys ☺️🤘🏻
  21. Hi guys my 1.4 16v lupo has developed a rough idle also the brakes are really weak pedal is almost on the floor before they do anything I've looked for vacuum leaks and and have cleaned the throttle body out with cleaner still have no luck I know the temperature sensor can affect the throttle but it's less than 3 months old any help will be much appreciated thank you
  22. Red lupo standard steel wheels
  23. Same fault code keeps coming up I'm gonna try another ecu and change a few sensors I'll keep looking into it if it keeps repeating
  24. So the car is running but fine drives ok but pulling up to lights or junction it will. Start to judder and struggle to pull away also the revves get stuck in 2000rpm range but one's it gets up to speed it will run fine again.
  25. I don't have a back up key unfortunately
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