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  1. Yeah i did Abi. Me and the Mrs have got a Golf R on the way and i want something smaller to faff about with. Another Gti fits the bill i reckon. Good memory Tom!
  2. Yeah i did. Quite a few years ago. Fairly heavily modified one.
  3. http://pistonheads.co.uk/sales/2919044.htm Due to the purchase of another car, my R26 is now up for sale. It's been one of best cars i've ever owned but i need to release a bit of cash for the purchase of another car, hence it's up for sale. I've owned this car since it was 10 months old; prior to this it was owned by Renault as a dealership managers car. http://www.meganesport.net/community/showthread.php?27113-Poobahs-Renaultsport-Adventure The car is a 2008 (57) model and is a January 2008 registration. The car has covered only 25.5k miles which is very low for a car of it's age. The car has MOT, 6 months tax and Full Service History. The car has been serviced by a combination of Renault dealerships and Renaultsport Specialists. In addition to the standard 12 monthly service regime, the car has also benefited from 6 monthly oil and filter changes as I like to keep the car in top condition. The car benefits from the following standard R26 Specification: * 6 speed Manual * Limited Slip Differential * Improved Cup Chassis * Brembo Brakes * Heated Folding Mirrors * 18" Alloy Wheels * Recaro Half Leather/Alcantra Front Seats * Auto Wipers * Auto Lights * Cruise Control * Speed Limiter * Auto Climate Control * Trip Computer * Remote Stereo Controls * 2 x card style key with push button start * ESP/ABS In addition to this the car has also been treated to some of the best upgrades available. These are detailed as follows: Megane R26R Wheels - Immaculate and refurbished only 2 weeks ago Megane R26R Headlights - With Phillips Xtreme uprated bulbs and Silvervision indicator bulbs Megane R26R Carbon Rear Spoiler Megane R26R Suspension - Only 500 miles old and fitted within the last 2 months Streamline Carbon Fibre Mirrors Streamline Carbon Fibre Side Bullets Bespoke Carbon Fibre Door Handles Uprated Brakes - Incorporated standard Brembo cross-drilled discs, CL RC5+ pads, Goodrich braided hoses and Motul RBF600 fluid. Front and Rear, all replaced approximately 6 months ago. Full Samco Boost and Induction Hose Set ITG Panel Filter - With cold air intake routing Pace Front Mounted Intercooler Forge Uprated Re-circulation Valve Milltek 2.75" Cat Back Exhaust Short-shift Gear Linkage RS Tuning Stage 1 Mapping - Complete with remote switchable box Alacantara Central Dash - Matching material to the standard Recaro Trendline seats Alpine X100 headunit with Pioneer custom fit specific front speakers Rear Seats Removal with Bespoke False Floor - Fully reversible and rear seats included in the sale so can be returned back to standard 5 seated interior. Rear Upper Strut Bar Schroth 4 Point Harnesses - With standard front belts still fitted for flexibility. Harnesses can be fully removed if required. Genuine Renaultsport Floor Mats All engine modifications have been made with a view to ensuring durable, reliable performance without pushing the limits of the standard engine. With this in mind, the car has been dyno tested at 273bhp and 290lb/ft, whilst not missing a beat in the entire time i've owned it. The car is detailed regularly and has received a machine polish with Wolf Technologies products and full 14 hour detail including Victoria Concourse wax just 500 miles ago. In addition, as stated above the wheels have also been refurbished within the last 500 miles and are therefore immaculate. The car is on a private registration which will need to be removed prior to sale. Considering this is one of the cleanest R26's in the country I am looking for £10,500 ovno for the car inclusive. Will consider p/x for low mileage Lupo Gti.
  4. Altrincham i see. I work there and will be looking for a low mileage Gti once my current car sells so may be in touch.
  5. Did you end up selling Tom? Still looking amazing i see!
  6. Thanks for your help guys. I think i'm pretty much decided that the R26 will have to go when i move house and a Gti is right at the top of the shopping list. As was the case when i bought my last one, it'll be a struggle to find one that's the right colour, history etc that someone actually wants to sell! Wish me luck!
  7. Can understand that. Was in jest as i'd really be looking for a Raven or Antracite Gti this time round i think. So any more thoughts ladies and gents? Would i regret going back to a Gti? Owning my first one gave me some of my best driving moments and i remember it being so capable and punching above it's weight.
  8. Cheers. p/x? R26 is a fantastic car. Really love it, but the Mrs wants to move and so i'll need to downsize cars and regain a wee bit of cash as a result.
  9. Warm greetings guys and gals! I've been away a long time but from looking at some of the newer posts, there are some of the old faces still rumbling about. Good to see. I'm thinking of returning to Gti ownership and wanted to know if anyone else has previously owned one, been away and owned bigger faster machinery and then come back to owning a Gti and been happy they did it and not regretted it? Whatever car i get will have to be a long term keeper so i need to get it right. Since having my first Gti i've had a Megane 225 Cup, a 197 and now a heavily modified R26 but with needing to downsize, i'm thinking a return to a Gti would be ideal. So who's done it and would you recommend it? Cheers in advance. Obligatory pics of current and previous motors below: Current Past
  10. Howdy Tom!! Nah it wasn't that one, although l have seen that in Alty before. This one was black with the stock GTi rims which had been done black/anthracite. Standard tail pipes too. Hope all's well old chap
  11. Also had black, maybe anthracite wheels on it if that helps! I'm pretty sure the driver was at the Awesome Gti RR day aswell. Wasn't Tom thats for sure!
  12. Walking down the road back to my bike after the gym. You were headed through Alty past the station. Car looked well
  13. Yup, anthracite is the colour of choice and definately the rarest. When l dip my toe back in to Lupo world it'll be in an Anthro Gti. Get it bought
  14. Poobah

    Clio 197

    Was thinking more Integrale rally slag look than euro look with the TH Monos if l'm honest. Don't think l've ever seen a "euro'd" 197 anyway! On a side point can someone do the following to this picture: Dark anthracite wheels Matching anthracite door handles Matching anthracite Renault Sport badges (front of door) Matching anthracite rear badges Cheers Chris
  15. Saw Matty Gti's motor yesterday on these rims. Looks rubbish!! (Only saying that so nobody else fits them, they look awesome in the flesh )
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