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  1. Do Vee Dubs sell damaged or stolen recovered cars?? Might pop over on Saturday!!
  2. Where would I be able to find a hopefully cheap as chips Lupo (eg salvage places) in or around the Toon???? Cheers Daz
  3. Am I right in thinking 1.0s don't have leccy windows and the lowest model that does is a 1.4S?? Is it easy to retrofit.. ie would a 1.0 have the wiring in place or not? Cheers
  4. But he isn't in this country... hence the 84,999 price tag on the car, and the LHD!! And the not understanding 'dropping it on its arse'... and the colour of the stripes...... German or Belgian maybe?? Although the price seems a bit much in Euros!!!
  5. I WANT IT!!! lol. That is stunning!!
  6. Anyone know anything about this Lupo? Info and pics... Cheers EDIT - just looked at the bonnet... is it bad-boy'd?? hate bad boy bonnets!!
  7. This is such a good look!!! You should have kept it like this!!!!!
  8. Just as a guide but there are 3 anthracite GTis on trader going for 5950 (03, 45k), 6200 (53, 65k) and 7200 (03, 29k).... not saying they are worth these prices but gives you a bit of an idea as to what people are asking for them.... they are all original spec and the 6200 one says its worth 6700 but want a quick sale!! (may or may not be true) Daz
  9. Like I said, I know it sounds stupid but there's good reason!!
  10. Are there any good parts websites that show you parts and prices??? cheers
  11. I'm sure the GTi would only be wider because of the arches... the actual shell can't be different, would cost too much to manufacture 2 different shells!
  12. ..........Is it a simple-ish cut and shut job to fit these to a standard Lupo?? Can you buy them ready to weld on even?? I know a bit of a stupid question but thought I'd ask anyway!!! And i take it the GTi front end (bumper, arches, bonnet and lights) would be a straight swap?? Don't ask why you would wanna do this... I know it sounds silly but it isn't!! Can't say much more than that Cheers in advance Daz
  13. Remembered reading some people were after one... there's an 03 one on autotrader.... 5950 (45k i think)...... just in case u ain't seen it!!
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