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  1. From memory think it was about that could well of been yourself, nice work on your car btw looked good when I went past!
  2. Saw three lupos going North up the M1 yesterday afternoon, one red, blue and a silver one I think from memory?! Anyone off here?! Loved the work you guys had done went past you in my black seàt arosa!
  3. could possibly have been myself i drive a black arosa with yellow headlights, did i have the `illest` sticker going down the windscreen then? also live in rochester and go over to dockside a fair bit
  4. Does anyone know if there are any splitters that on a MK2 Arosa with or without any alterations, been looking around and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  5. i know its not relevant to the grill and bonnet, but would anybody know where to get them little covers for the headlights?
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