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  1. Hi All Can anyone recommend any garages to take my lupo to get serviced? I don't want to take it to VW simply because of the labour charges. I'm based near heathrow, thanks! Kavlee
  2. looking at the last pic above, do all lupos have holes for speakers on the rear?
  3. kavlee

    Newbie dropping in to Say HELLO!

    I havent just yet, got to keep my insurance low... but my brothers planning to put his old bbs rms on the car and change the suspension. I would like to get a slight tint on the windows, similar to the chromulux windows on golf.
  4. some wkd installs! was a bit worried I couldnt get anything in... Just out of interest, what size are the speakers in the doors? 6.5s? Watch this space, got to some goodies over xmas, need to get them in the car now!
  5. Hey All I'm the new owner of a 1.4S 16v Lupo. Its my first car too.... My brothers always been into his veedubs, acutally tried to get me to buy a mk2 style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" /> I'll post up some pics as soon as the sun shines a little, but thought i'd drop in to say HI! bye for now! kavlee
  6. Hi All! Recently brought a Lupo 1.4S 16v, lol actually yesterday! Ive been trying to find out if the handbrake cable can be adjusted, ive always adjusted the play manually before by adjusting the two cables, but I cant seem to find anything similar in the Lupo. One side is puling more than the other. Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks Kavlee!

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