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  1. The shaft on the box or selector under gearstick? You can get a used gearbox for fifty quid mate if you have a good look round ebay, breakers etc I'm new to lupos but vw boxes are tough it's the seals and people not changing the fluid that knacks em'
  2. Ta mate, I'll have a look tomorrow. regarding that big star nut does it come off anti-clockwise if i need to change rear wheel bearings? Cheers.
  3. Cheers that's a great help, only done 34k but they are deffo gone can hear them when breaking grinding on the drum. Thanks again.
  4. Paul T


    Piers how long did it take you to complete them???? You must have a lot of time on your hands mate, still on Forza 3 two years down the line, you can look in stats how long you have played them for. Do you use a steering wheel or joystick?
  5. I'm guessing here mate but if you try and clean it using cleaning products could affect nature of the brake fluid. Toothbrush? not your own of course.
  6. If you press down hard on the front of the car at both sides does the car return back equally, is one side more wallowy than the other? Check the dampers are dry and not leaking and the springs are complete and not cracked. Could be a suspension top mount as well, whichever one it is mate they are not expensive repairs.
  7. If you have a look at all four spark plugs mate the the cylinders that are affected the sparkplugs will be a lot darker and damper on the ends then all you have to do is swap the two affected leads round.
  8. Could be release bearing mate, tbh though could be loads of stuff not even related to the gearbox. Release bearing would be a good place to start though, even if release bearing is worn though it's not dangerous but you do get annoying noises etc.
  9. Sounds like wrong cv joints mate, if you went to gsf or euro car parts for them they always give you wrong parts, sometimes best to take the part with you. I haven't got a gti but are they the same on each side?
  10. Hello, Started to change the back shoes on my 04' lupo today, got to the large star nut holding the drum assemby/bearings together etc, neither of them move, do they just undo anti-clockwise like all other nuts? Thought I best ask for assistance before I destroy something:) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ta, Paul
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