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  1. Hi guys, Pete has got a couple payments and I've had some but I don't know who has right now, there's no rush, I can confirm the payments once the diffs are with us and we have a little more time. The gearbox that was used for the mock up and testing has to be returned to it's rightful owner, and the there was a bit of a mistake with the revised invoice following the discovery of the phantom 085 diff members. The two who said they wanted one of the first couple of pages didn't post on the forum that they didn't want one. I said this after the first group buy i'd not do this again, this has been about 10x as complicated! Looking forward to my passenger ride!
  2. Hi guys, good news. Quaife have agreed to let us cancel the extra unwanted 085 diff and use the deposit paid towards the final invoice. Thanks to Pete and Quaife. They should be collected this week, and packaged up over the weekend. The increase for the VAT increase is £11.70 each, my mobile browser won't let me get to PM's but I'll grab some wifi or 3G tomorrow and PM everyone the address.
  3. Pete has said we can use his Paypal account for the extra 2.5%, I'll work out the exact price and send the details to everyone after work tomorrow. Unfortunatly the price was always quoted to us without VAT, Pete tried withQuaife to see if they could cover the added costs but they have already given the lowest price they can.
  4. Hi mate, yes there's a couple of problems. One is, we are a buyer of a 085 (Sport) diff. The deposit has been paid in error. If a buyer can't be found a solution may have ben found, I'll know more tomorrow. I've not been sent the invoice yet, I need to move some cash from one account to the other. Another is the problem of the Brittish Goverment increasing the VAT from 15% to 17.5%. I may be able to cover it short term, I'll know more tomorrow. I'm on my phone, I'll explain fully tomorrow once I know how much of an increase it is.
  5. Missed this, I would have voted Ryans car also, stunning little motor Oh, and I don't think my car can be classed as a Lupo any more.. more like a pile of parts lol
  6. Hi all, I checked the cash machine and there has been at least most of the payments but I need to go into the bank to check all the payments. I am currently 200 miles from home, I left at 04:30 and I got to the hotel at 20:30 tonight, with the exception of driving down to London I've not stopped all day. I will try and find a bank down here as soon as possible this week.
  7. As in a.d@googlemail.com don't want to put the full email addy on the forum incase the spy bots find it.
  8. Hi all, I am on my phone as I do not have Internet at the moment. The mobile viewer on the phone doesn't let me get to my PM's. Can you please email me on Andi dot Dunston @googlemail.com I have recieved 4 payments, I will be going home at the weekend so can get on the computer. I am currently at my mother in laws due to a problem with the heating at our house. My wifes sister has just had a baby which has been in the childrens hostpital in intesive care. All my time away from work is spent looking after our young child while my wife and family are at the hospital. I hope you understand.
  9. Guys when the new forum software came in, my folder with peoples addresses has disappeared into the squillion PM's in my inbox. Could you all please PM me you're addresses again. We need to get a quote on the postage.
  10. I've no idea? £27 to cover the postage and Paypal fee's? Can't see it costing any more than that.
  11. Ok dudes, £22.50 each with postage to the a single UK destination included. Got the invoice from them now, was gonna order them on Friday if that's enough time for everyone (all two of you lol) to give me some money?
  12. There is an air vent on the house wall outside mate
  13. Why didn't you use a Trolly Jack? lol Look forward to seeing how you get on
  14. Got them from Wicks IIRC, they were about £100 a piece back in the day when I bought them (may have been around 1992 or there abouts lol) Heard they sell on eBay for around £80 now though.
  15. Millburn Garage in Stow. millburngarage@hotmail.com He painted my car, and would have finished my own conversion if I didn't run out of money! Millburn Garage - Performance Vehicle Specialists 01578 730333 Ask for John. Tell him Andi sent you.
  16. @ that colour! Also started on the bedroom.
  17. Good to see another geek on board iTom
  18. My mistake, I'd hit restore by mistake. As you were lol
  19. Cool Phil, girl at work may be interested too. Just need another two.
  20. Been in touch with iFlip in the US regarding the wallet they sell over there for $49.99. They have agreed to deliver to the UK, I asked (as I normally do these days lol) if they could offer a discount on a few. If I can find another 4 buyers, they will do the 5 with 25% off. Today that would cost £22.48 each plus what ever the delivery is gonna cost.
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