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  1. oh she is up for sale now as i need a diesel estate so if anyone is interested i have down a pedal box has Mot till decemeber 2013 and taxed for 6 months current millage is 75600 £875 buys its without and haggling Dave
  2. Nice i like the sound of your plans simular to what i was thinking Dave
  3. Any ideas on how to fit the spacer shaft that goes in between the brake pedal i couldnt seem to line it up in situ? Many thanks Dave
  4. The plan is to get a set of coilovers and the JOM's seem to be a good deal but that will be next month as I have my brothers Stag do and wedding this month and i am the best man so funds tired up this month The pedal box was a PITA to get out and after figuring out if I took out the speedo so i could get more angle on the steering coloumn to remove it nearly 6 hours later i found out that they sent me the wrong one... argh. The new one was ment to be here today but there was a problem sending it out so will be here tomorrow and then i will fit it then and have my little Arosa back
  5. defo gives me food for thought! What do you think of the coilovers as i am tempted by getting a set of them? many thanks Dave P.S How easy was it to remove the rub strips?
  6. Well after ordering up the pedal box from Seat the other day I started at 11am this morning to strip it out and wow i must say frustrating or what as i am not the smallest man in the world but after alot of swearing and thinking i managed to get it out at 4.30pm and........... i got the wrong part , i need the one that has a electronic device of some sort bolted to it! So i guess that i will be phoning tomorrow for the correct one and hopefully installing it Tuesday or Wednesday then, I think i will a new brake pedal and the white clip. I managed to get mine out fine but it is still on the b
  7. Hi All Well i have gone and done it.... I paid up on the membership so I am now a life long member of club lupo I started a newbie thread which is here - http://forums.clublu...showtopic=91717 I like to modify my cars some how and being in the JDM scene with MR2s for the past 6 years I thought that I would as have a DUB project too is that just greedy? lol On the Wednesday 12th of September 2012 I went to look at this little Seat Arosa 1.0s as it seemed to tick the right boxes as I needed another car due to my girlfriend during September was going to be moving 300 miles away to go to uni in F
  8. looking around and trying to learn!!!!

  9. dude thanks for the heads up after looking more into this it seems more than likely it is but i wont know till tomorrow after i get the car to work as that's where my tools are.... doh!
  10. I do have a few question though I have just covered 645miles in it since yesturday morning and when i was half way through the journey i seemed to of lost my clutch pedal but was able to change into some gears by rev range matching and some times there is a clutch but you really have to mash the clutch pedal right into the carpet and then some Is there an adjustment for the clutch pedal for pre load on the pedal? How long should a original clutch last? As i think it might be the original one with 72000 miles on it! As it should be easy enough to fit (as well as want to do the cambelt and servi
  11. Thanks guys the white one is my current pride and joy and hopefully next year I should be around 320bhp at the fly about 290 @ the wheels. As you can see I like to tinker but I am just as hot on my maintenance so the first will be a real good service and clean, I am going to be possible driving about 2000 miles a month so with looking around I will want to find out what's my best lowering option without loosing to much of the comfort and a good set of rims too Dave
  12. thanks guys and i would think more than likely i will be doing a few little touches to it i really just cant help myself lol here are few pics of other cars i have modified (mr2s and there spec) my 1990 revision 1 Toyota mr2 turbo (import) my 2000 Toyota revision 5 mr2 na (UK car) my 1996 Revision 3 Toyota mr2 turbo (import) Dave
  13. thanks mattarosa , is the forum normally this slow? 31 views and only you said hi! Dave
  14. Hi All My name is Dave I am 30 and hail from the South Herts area, I have just bought my little 99 V reg Seat Arosa 1.0S from a Seat dealership today as my new daily hack and wow its the little big car that can I do like my cars and in my 12 years of driving I started of with a 82 Ford Fiesta - 1.1 3dr in beige and have had since then 81 Ford Escort estate 1.3 on a w reg (the old prefex style if anyone knows what that is lol) 86 Vauxhall Nova - 1.2 3dr in blue 85 Austin Montego - van 1.3 in navy blue 86 Vauxhall Nova - 1.2 3dr in white 94 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 5dr in white modified 92 Volkswagen
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