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  1. I have fitted them to my gti, you would need to swap the seat belt holders with normal lupo ones and also slightly grind down the rear of the brackets(to clear the carpet) then with a bit of grease and force they will fit. hth
  2. what issues are you having? i have got a similar problem, and i am currently working through the wiring to find a fault
  3. ticky as in tappets? not really, but good call will check it out in the morning,
  4. ok, quick update, have replaced the purge valve, camshaft pressure actuator, and the camshaft timing adjustment for the vvti, the oil light is still flashing and have also noticed one of the fuses keeps on blowing in the fuse box(i think its fuse number 30, will have to double check) they have also refitted the cambelt adjusting the notching(once clockwise, then twice anti-clockwise) btoh times the car drove like a pile of crap, so dont think it could be that, does anyone have an idea as to what the problem could be?
  5. thanks for the tip, just bought myself a copy!
  6. Hi all as title, would anyone have a wiring diagram for the lupo gti? thanks ubaid
  7. that was my first suspicion, but the car drives perfect, its really confusing...
  8. what could the fault be then? what could they have broken when they changed the cambelt?
  9. These are the faults im getting 4 Faults Found: 17833 - EVAP Purge Valve (N80): Short to Ground P1425 - 35-00 - - 17935 - Camshaft Timing Adj. Bank1 (N205): Short to Ground P1527 - 35-00 - - 16394 - Bank 1: Camshaft A (Intake): Position Actuator Malfunction P0010 - 35-00 - - 16554 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1: Malfunction P0170 - 35-00 - - Readiness: 0010 0101
  10. Hi i have had the cambelt done along with the water pump, when i got the car back, the oil warning light flashes after it goes over approx 3500rpm, the oil level is fine and the oil pump is working fine, the enging management light has come on, after doing diagnostics on it, it was saying the purge valve, i have replaced that but am still getting the oil light flashing at me! can anyone help? thanks
  11. s3boy


    i can vouch for mark, i have bought quite a few stuff off him , hes genuine although last time i collected something it was off his dad and mark couldnt answer his phone(due to work)
  12. lol, what about the euro spec ones? do they pull to the left?
  13. s3boy


    Hi all i was wondering if anyone knew where i can download a copy of ETKA for vws, i need some part numbers thanks ps: i have used the search and the links are now dead!
  14. i used to own a S2 elise 111s, was an amazing car and was hardcore, but tbh i think i have more fun in my lupo GTi! i wouldnt do it if it was my main car but as a second car the elise is perfect.
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