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  1. Hoping my airline will come in time for weekend, then I can update!
  2. Buy one and get it done yourself for that price. Or buy a Decent GTI, then cams, exhaust, induction then spend the change on silly things like air, leathers and bodywork!
  3. May have accidentally bought air
  4. So this car became possessed this year. Between Feburary and now the following happened: -Power steering pump fell off, again -Garage dented my door -Someone kicked my wing -Someone broke in and took the radio -Garage had car 2 months and didn't fix it So yeah, she's been an issue. After all that hard work I felt like giving up and buying a Corsa, but instead, big things are coming ? Here's a little teaser of the new rims:
  5. I wouldn't bother, too much hassle, plus they go faster without them
  6. Poundland sell primer, sandpaper and black paint. £3 DIY
  7. Mine definitely handles better, but the comfort, well...
  8. Already went at it with a few tins of primer grey last night, definitely needs another coat and smoothing down again, preferably somewhere dry, warm and out of the wind and rain haha. It appears to look better than it was, which isn't much haha
  9. Hi Guys, Just picked up a MK1 1.7 SDI to stop my MK2 Sport getting too many miles, just wondering what prep and paint people have used for at home jobbies, what's better, roller or spray? And before anyway says I'll be ruining the car, trust me, I won't. It's turquoise and the previous owner has removed all rust, so there's big patches of primer on the rear quarters, wing and boot. Also, what are the legalities on changing colour? Cheers!
  10. Don't know why I said drivers as I need a pair hah, how much posted?
  11. Does it still have drivers lower door cars and rear door cards?
  12. Title: Lupo sport rear bumper Description: Good condition, some marks Location: Manchester Postage: Collection only Price: £35
  13. Basically my power steering pump fell off due to a snapped alternator/tensioner bracket. I have a 1.4 sport but I was wondering if the bracket should be the same from a 1.4 75bhp as there's one in a nearby scrappy. Cheers in advance
  14. Yep, X Reg, pre 2001 so your tax goes off engine size, not emissions.
  15. Just get a resistor to turn the light off and I'd replace the pedal box, I know of people getting them welded and it's just a matter of time until they go again
  16. 3L front would probably be easier and similar costs aha
  17. Thanks, think I'd have to sell a kidney first!
  18. I would be I imagine postage being an issue!
  19. Would a GTi bumper fit? They have flared wings and I would have thought the slam panel and rails would be different too
  20. Not sure if I like the roof bars anymore, would it be better with or without?
  21. I highly doubt it! I have a twin 12" fli one upside down that fits, only just though
  22. Really looking forward to seeing this! I try being creative but I think I'm creatively autistic aha. How's the air handling and what not? Really considering getting my own kit together for about £800, just for advice on fitting and quality
  23. Exactly the same mock up I made for my bumper! haha Except your skills are a bit better.
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