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  1. Still looking clean! Stunning work man, like a brand new showroom model!
  2. Nice work man, i dont think the bonnet looks too bad. Nice to see some individualism keep an eye out for some BBS', will suit it nicely
  3. Got Some BBS RA'S for a bargain price will be going on once i find tyres ! Also go meself a splitter from a vauxhall Tigra will be going on when the roads clear up
  4. Better late than never! Car sleging!
  5. My Fiat 126, best first car ever! Like driving and parking a shoe!
  6. I got told 13 starmags wouldnt fit over sport brakes :/
  7. Which spacers would people reccomend for the rears of my sport? Only running standard sport alloys atm, would 20mm rub? Its lowered with the rear adjusters out at the back..
  8. Another meet! Hopefully wont rain this time! 8:00pm Bybrook Barn
  9. Took rear adjusters out yesterday, much better!!
  10. My Lupo at a recent meet, local photographers image, i cant take credit!
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