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  1. Ok people here's an update. The source of the leak was from the filler neck where it goes into the gearbox and from the black cap itself, the filler is steel, the gearbox house aluminium. There was corrosion which had made the seal perish. When the car was being driven the oil was seeping from the place where they meet. It's now all sorted. What I have learned from this too is that the red cap that goes around the top of the filler cap needs to be replaced as when the oil change is done the clip holding it onto the black cap, snaps off.
  2. will do, I don't have the car at the minute but when I get it back I'll post again.
  3. briaan65

    Rear VW badge.

    I second what Koops said, I did mine recently, just be careful when you do it. I found a liitle heat from a hot air gun helped a lot to remove the whole thing from the recess. I drilled mine out to get at the "VW" bit to paint it then glued it back in with a little silicone.
  4. oh this is interesting, the oil on the drive definately looks like gearbox oil, it's brighter than the engine oil. However your theory is interesting, when I get the car back I'll have a look. thanks Danoid, thanks for your theory too, again I'll have to investigate.
  5. Morning, I have been having issues with the oil leaking from my auto gearbox, I had a recent oil change and afterwards i discovered small amounts of oil on my driveway. I took my car to a garage who noted that the gearbox sump was a bit iffy looking so recommended that they replaced it and the oil £200, I thought that would cure the issue, it didn't. there was a small amount of oil on the driveway, a jet washed the gearbox and underneath the car and left it, a few days later there was no oil, so I thought it was sorted. i took the car for a run parked it up and left it overnight, in the morni
  6. if you live in the the North East and you are considering having your wheels professionally refurbed, then I would wholeheartedly recommend a company called Bettablast. Before I go further and give a glowing recommendation I would say that I have no part in this company although I do know the owner through years of using him. The company are based in Shiremoor, North Tyneside and specialise in shot blasting and powder coating, I have recently had a set of steelies done, they were blasted zinc coated and refinished to a very high standard. he's also done engine parts, bicycles and three other s
  7. Iphone pano by briaan65, on Flickr Taken whilst walking in Northumberland. That's me in the middle.
  8. I've just read your thread from start to finish you have a car to be really proud of, I think it's one of the shiniest cars I've ever seen, well done fella.
  9. I've just gone for 195/45's but I'm old
  10. good man, sound advice as usual.
  11. thanks Koop, is this because they're better for grip of just look better on the car or both ?
  12. briaan65


    simple question I've just acquired a set of 15 steel wheels, passat winters shod with 195/50 r15 tyres, I've tried them on the car and look ok but I'm now thinking should I get 45 profile tyres, the car is lowered 40 mm all round. The difference in the rolling radius is minimal 45's being slightly less accurate, 50's being slightly over. any thoughts from users of similar set ups appreciated. I don't want to go for stretched tyres. B
  13. briaan65


    Hi welcome to club lupo it's a great place for all things Lupo
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