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  1. I had an Arosa last year but not for long, i've now got a 2006 Fiesta ST. How would a Lupo Gti compare to the ST?
  2. i had about 10 lessons including the 4 for my test, passed on second time. So technically had 6 lessons passed 2nd time after 2 months. Being driving as long as i can remember. Failed for a stupid reason the first time.
  3. Same as matt really, although my mk2 arosa can get about 250 without thinking and I had it at 300 miles and the light just came on economically driving Change oil, new leads & plugs will help
  4. I tend to stay at 50/60 on the mways and can easy get good mpg. Speed doesn't bother me
  5. 1. Not 17 but I'm 18 with a claim and it's 1100. (for a 1L arosa) 2. It's not 3. Service it myself 4. Paid about 1300 for mine (51 plate leccy windows etc) 5. Best suspension I've had tbh 6. My petrol light hasn't come on yet and ive done 300 miles exactly. Usually fill it up when the light comes on and it costs £37
  6. Got them from Andrew page in the end for 28 quid
  7. Well I don't think it's in limp mode because I can do over 40, but there is definitely a big loss of power just sick of the sight of it atm with everything going wrong and people opening their f-ing doors into me
  8. Well basically on Saturday my car engine light started flashing at me and then when I put my foot down it wOuldnt go, only picked up speed very slowly and stopped about 35/40. When I first checked, when I took the ht leads off taking number 2 off made no difference what do ever. So got some new ht leads today changed them and still no difference, checked the rotor arm and that's fine, took all the spark plugs out. Now numbers 2,3 & 4 were fine, not black. But number 1 was fully black, cleaned them and it still made no difference whatsoever. Now can anyone shed some light onto this? My firs
  9. Can someone photoshop the wheels red? Or some colours that might go with my colour car haha
  10. I'll know tomorrow when I go into work I'll let you know
  11. I'm 18, no ncb, 1 years driving, fault claim and my insurance is 1100, no mods. Declaring coilies & alloys doesn't make a massive difference for me. That's with admiral
  12. What ht leads do I need for my arosa? Just been to halfords and they said they'd have to order them in and they'd be 52 quid?! I've bought plugs and leads for that price before! Anyone know where I can get some either?
  13. Yeah that's the only one I know of, I'm only in horbury myself
  14. Yeah they're only ones I knew of! I wondered if there were just any little meets round here too
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