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  1. itsian

    Crash Advice

    Thanks for the swift advice Cheers
  2. itsian

    Crash Advice

    I got a minor shunt on my way home at T junction with stop sign where I stopped and was rear ended, dented rear cross member , hurt my back where bar across drivers seat banged me just above pelvis. Now two weeks ago. Contacted insurance ,same company as hers... Its my fault for stopping.!!..Cant get any joy from them at all as they belive her,I stopped for no reason.. ,they advised me to get a solicitor onto it if I want at my expense.. I thought if I was stationary and hit it was their fault? I only have tpft Any advice? Cheers Ian
  3. Hi All, I need a bit of help with this one as I cant find anything on the net. I'm suddenly having trouble getting into 3rd ,I have to give the gear shift a very firm push and then all is OK.Stays in gear OK etc..Its nothing to do with the pedal box.All the linkages seem OK and it clicks through the gears easily / nicely from underneath at standstill.Have hit a speedbump recently rather hard.. I've looked underneath and suspect the rear engine mount is the cause of this.I took it in to my local garage and they tried to wiggle the engine without luck and pronounced it all OK..!! I've had little luck with garages so had another good look at it myself.The mount is attached OK but should the 16mm nut at its center rear be easily moveable ?I would have thought it would be solidly screwed into the main arm of the mounting ?When I lightly rotate the nut 90 deg. the rear rubber bit moves with it which seems strange.Also in 4th when I get on/off the gas there is about 2 inches of stick movement in total which I am sure did not used to be the case. I'm reluctant to just change it in case its not that and would very much apprciate you help Also if I do unbolt it to check it out or change it will it be hard to put back by myself ,will it go ping ? Cheers itsian
  4. rear engine mount

  5. Hi All, The other day my clutch cable seemed to be getting a bit stiff and jerky so as I had turned up at work early thought I would lube it.I removed the cable from the clutch end,poured in some lube and popped it all back ok.When I set off home I got the glow plug light flashing thingy within 30 seconds.I'm sure it was OK before..Looked it up and thought I had a bit of a dodgy brake light on the go.Checked the switch that seemed OK,bulbs ok,Got a code tester and gave me 16955.Cleared it and after 10 mins of driving it comes back again.99% sure I dont have a brake light problem.So I have been over it all lots of WD40 ,checked the bulbs in place with 12Volts,all OK,Got a new brake switch,set off,10 mins later I get the fault show up as 16955. Does anyone have any ideas as I'm a bit stuck now? My clutch cable was not in the bulkhead holder when I looked at it to start with but I cant see what I may have done to it,I'm sure I upset something as I have done 5k miles since I got it all faultless... Car runs fine throughout Cheers Ian
  6. Hi, Just got myself a low mileage SDi which I really like already .Gives me 60 mpg , a relaxing drive and puts a smile on my face... I've checked it over but how do I get to the air filter?? I'm sure it needs one. Cheers Ian
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