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  1. Yet well I have a completey different approach for the fox this time next year it should all be done fingers cross
  2. Sorry and again cause of autocorrect lol I thort it looked alright i hated the fox wen I got it but looks alright now ??
  3. You think it's that bad I hated the fix web I got it land I thort I made it look alright if I put better wheels on
  4. . I have lowered mine and put some buget wheels on it wat you think ??
  5. Uumm I'm not to sure I haven't set it up proper yet still have some ideas off making it lower I want to be on the floor lol
  6. does anyone no how to photoshop if so and you have some free time can you put some black banded steels on my fox please
  7. hi there can some one possibly put black bended steels on my fox please
  8. how the fox coming along any pics?
  9. cheers i dont no if it would look good in dark purple or not any ideas
  10. i want to put these bumpers on it... ...and then spray or wrap it in matt purple
  11. how do you add pics confussed.com ?
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