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  1. Thanks or the replies. I think I've got the part now via an online search; one of the databases came up with one result. All being well it's arriving on Tuesday. The last time I used a scrappy for parts (for a Pug 206 wing mirror) I got about 20 quotes within 3 hours and had a choice of options fom all over the UK. I guess it goes to show the comparitive rarity of the lupo. Cheers
  2. The local chap breaking his lupo for spares hasn't returned my calls so I've given up on him. I've done 2 online database searches of scrapyards but haven't had a single quote in reply. There's not much doing on eBay either. Annoying!
  3. Just to follow-up, I still need a replacement motor, urgently! I thought I had one but the seller isn't really playing the game. If anyone has one they're willing to sell then that would be superb... I've put an advert up in the Wanted section too now. Cheers Skyetom
  4. The car is at the garage and the motor is dead. They had a go at stripping it as best they could but it's toast apparently. The donor car for my 'new' motor is (I think) a "W" reg Lupo 1.4. Hopefully it'll be the same plug. The window stopped working about 2 months ago and it wasn't making any clicking noises at all. It's a 2001 car and I did the passenger window when I bought it; I think I've been on borrowed time for the driver's side. Thanks again for your advice. I should get the new part on Wednesday and I'll speak to the mechanics tomorrow to find out what type of connector the broken motor has.
  5. Thanks for the fast reply. Oh well, fingers crossed it's the same connection but it's not the end of the world of the automatic feature is lost. I just want it to work again, then the car is going to be sold :-(
  6. What was the end result here OP? I'm in a similar situation now- my driver window motor has packed up and I'm looking at buying a 2nd hand replacement. Can anyone tell me if the motor from a Lupo 1.4 S will be compatible with my GTI? Thanks for any help you can offer Skyetom
  7. Hi Jon Thanks for the advice. As you suggest, I think I'm going to need to get replacements in pairs but I still can't decide between two new KWs or a complete kit of OEM parts, front and rear. If you decide to sell the parts you have then I could be interested. I'm waiting on another seller to give me a price including delivery but nothing is definite yet. Cheers Thomas edited because I can't spell
  8. Good afternoon - long time lurker here, looking for some advice. What was your final decision OP? The exact same thing has happened to me today. My GTI went in for service and MOT and within 10 minutes of dropping it at the garage I had a call to say that the o/s/f shock had a major leak. I've got KW coilovers all round but I don't know which model. They were on the car when I bought it and will be out of warranty. I think my options now are: 1. to replace the broken part like-for-like and leave the n/s/f as it is. Is this considered a stupid thing to do? (ie, not to replace both fronts at the same time) 2. Replace both front shocks with new KW parts. 3. Replace front and rear shocks and springs with OEM parts 4. Replace front and rears with KW parts. If anyone could hazard a guess at combined parts and labour for each option that would be superb. I haven't had a chance to investigate kits or anything else since getting the news. Right now I'm favouring option 3 as this will make he car easier to sell when the time comes. However, if option 1 is possible then that would be cheapest (I guess), and I'd do that as long as it's not stupidly risky. My MOT runs out next Friday and I was actually thinking of selling the car soon so the timing is awful. On top of the coilover issue I also need a new high-level brake light and a section of the wheel arch too. Looks like I'll be keeping the car for longer than planned! Any advice appreciated! Skyetom
  9. Thanks for the tips. I'm on holiday this week and plan on doing some more serious searching for parts. The most important bit for now is the wheel arch liner (mentioned above) but I might need to bite the bullet and speak to a main dealer about that. Cheers Skyetom
  10. Blister - I tried to PM you but your inbox must be full...
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm still keen to know if the tray is fitted as standard or not; anyone know?
  12. Hi I've had my Lupo GTI since last December but this is my first post on here; hello! Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. I recently found that there's no engine undertray on my car and I'd like to fit one. I've seen different stories about whether or not Lupos had this part fitted as standard. My question is, is it a standard Lupo part or is there a difference between GTI/non-GTI models? If anyone has one for sale then I'd be very interested. I also need to replace the lower part of the front offside wheel arch liner. Cheers Skyetom
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