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  1. So its a sad day tomorrow, the Arosa is going to a new home! But as they say, out with the old, in with the new!
  2. tedwards92

    Waitrose, Ely

    Silver Gti in waitrose car park yesterday, looked pretty nice on some black bbs! Had Hawaiian flowers hanging from the mirror. Anyone on here?
  3. Car is now for sale in the classifieds section if anyone is interested!
  4. haha sweet, didn't expect to see any pictures of mine, let alone 2! nice one man!
  5. Looking to sell this soon if anyone is interested, nice and easy little run around!
  6. So after all the bad stuff thats happened recently, got my new wheels in and on, so this is how its sitting at the moment Things still to do: - Bring down the rear a little more - Space out the front - Get the tracking fixed - Bodywork repairs And then hopefully it will be how i want it!
  7. tedwards92

    Mk 1 Arosa

    Saw a black mk 1 arosa on some red banded steels, at the McDonalds roundabout at Sawston just outside Cambridge. Don't know if you saw me, but your car was looking pretty smart! Nice to see another one around here!
  8. Google the part number, you'll soon find out!
  9. Anyone up for a little Cambridge meet some time then?
  10. With a 6Q2 part number, it sounds like they're for a polo
  11. Rather a big update for a change, been a while since ive done anything due to the numerous problems that keep occurring! So heres the list, firstly i had a bit of a hole in my exhaust, so got the guys to patch it up at work and everything was good, stupidly went to a festival where it decided to break off in half along with filling the underside with mud! Unfortunately didnt get a shot of the halved exhaust. Next problem on the list.......Buckled Wheels! I hit a pothole at around 50mph and BANG, burst the nearside front tyre and buckled the wheel So ive had to put 2 of my old wheels back on the front, looking a little drift spec Went to get the exhaust and CAT fitted yesterday to find the nearside rear wheel is buckled as well and the old wheel on the front has a nail in! So i thought, screw it and bought some brand new wheels from work and should be here tomorrow! Oh and heres what my old tyres looked like when i got them replaced! Oops.
  12. Its Latitude festival this weekend, just wondered if i'll be seeing any other Lupo's and Arosa's in the car park along with mine?
  13. I was actually going to make this post myself today! I'm from Soham, in Cambridge and i'd be up for a meet, i see the occasional modified lupo but like you say, most of them are just old women!
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