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  1. A 30litre fill on my SDi gets me over 400miles... thats pushing 70mpg.... and I dont even try! (altho I dont rag it everywhere) I'm sure if I could be arsed, and had the time to take an extra 10minutes for every journey, I would break the 70mpg barrier However its true that driving style has more impact on fuel efficiency than most other factors (excluding a bloody great hole in your tank ) G
  2. Just out of interest, what key pattern does everyone use? The closest I can find on Rclick is HU66, but thats only the closest and doesnt appear to be an exact match Cheers G
  3. Shame..... car has had some pretty sketchy painting done to one wing and the bumper, so thought this would be a good time to get it all done at the same time Thanks for the reply Incidentally, my brother had exactly the same rust issue on his A6, with rust bubbling up from under the roof channels in about 8 or 9 different locations. Seems it may have been a wider issue with the designs as well as the rust proofing process G
  4. Callin all rust experts..... I have started to get some bubbling around the window on my rear hatch. Its on the bottom ledge just where the panel dissapears under the window rubber. Would this be covered under the warrenty described above in the same way that roof issues are? Thanks G
  5. Mine is cracked, it rattles, it looks ****, and does my head in...... Cannot find a replacement. All I seem to find are N/S Passengers.... where are all the Drivers side ones? G
  6. quick update.... an NOS stalk has cured it, and it has that lovely new feel to it as well G
  7. Slowly getting time to sort the few little niggles Next up is the audio. Standard system with CD unit under the head unit In order to listen to it with any sort of quality or clarity, I have to turn the bass right down as far as it goes (-9 I think), and even then when a decent volume the drivers buzz and rattle. With the bass set anywhere near zero,, the volume cant go above a whisper or the speakers will blow. Is this a generic thing with these standard systems? Its not like i'm an old git listening to Radio 4 and complaining about all this loud teenage music..... G
  8. Previous owner has been pretty heavy handed with the wiper arm at some point and bent it pretty badly, possibly due to it not wiping properly which I think is due to the linkages being worn (sourced a new motor and mechanism), rather than the wipers themselves SO, if anyone has a drivers side wiper arm available, give me a shout grahamb1976@hotmail.co.uk G
  9. Charming I WAS going to make enquiries into several bits, however seeing the feedback above, and the response provided... I think I'll give this one a miss G
  10. so are you saying you fixed it by cleaning the contacts on the relay and hazard switch, or was there an earth fault in the indicator unit that you sorted as well? G
  11. Not yet... have been putting up with it for now, as its the wipers that have taken priority to address issues with Did your relay tick quickly (like it was on, but with a blown bulb) even when you werent indicating? Mine seems to be affected by wiggling the stalk, so was leaning towards this being the culprit, but this may just be coincidental. Cheers G
  12. How much for the wiper mechanism, assuming there is no play between the shafts, pivots and arms? G
  13. How much for the wiper mechanism, assuming there is no play between the shafts, pivots and arms? G
  14. and how is that done exactly? presuambly with a stereo removal tool (that I dont have... I have a full workshop with everything else, just not one of those) am new to modern cars and lupo's you see G
  15. nope. indicators off, hazards off, and the relay is ticking away like crazy behind the hazard switch.... no dash bulbs are flashing, and the indicators dont flash either when this is happening flick the stalk up or down, or press the hazard switch, and everything operates as normal if it was a blown bulb, then it would be obvious, but this is occuring at all times G
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