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  1. Patiencepending

    Lime Green Lupo T reg Chichester

    looked really nice condit
  2. Patiencepending

    Hello! New owner with some questions!

    Grey with blue ? My front two are a bit bobbly at the front, but apparently you can shavethose off with a razor. I'm going to whack out the upholstry cleaner!
  3. Patiencepending

    Deadmetal's 1.4s Now mk2 Mx5

    Looks awesome.
  4. Patiencepending

    Cleaning Seats & "Bobbly?"

    The front seats were worn when I bought them, the front has gone 'bobbly' if that makes sense? Most of the bits just kind of tease off but any ideas how to ease that happening again w/o seat covers? Also I want to give them a mega clean - any recommended products/technique? (I'm going cleaning crazy)
  5. Patiencepending

    Something for Rubber Seals?

    Think I oughta pace myself a bit haha I'll do aesthetics then I'll startt doing stuff to it. Done much to yours?
  6. Patiencepending

    Something for Rubber Seals?

    haha cheers, it's becoming a bit Lupo obsessive though haha I spent about 4/5 hours cleaning it today. Haven't even started under the bonnet - should probably cool it a bit haha. Cheers x
  7. Patiencepending

    Something for Rubber Seals?

    Sounds good, glad it's not expensive! Thank you
  8. Patiencepending

    Something for Rubber Seals?

    1.4 S Y reg, all in pretty good condit - The rubber seals aren't too bad but they look a bit dry in places and I'm worried about them perishing (I'm treating this car like it's my kid or something) Any ideas what I can put on the seals to help protect them? Thanks x
  9. Patiencepending

    Hello! New owner with some questions!

    Have a 1.4 S too - Y reg - did you work out if your seats are original?
  10. Patiencepending

    Lupo 1.4s :)

    The one in my signature is it I spent four hours cleaning it today, need to do under the bonnet lots more though!! Only aestheticy stuff planned at the minute really, need to fix my seats up - looks like someone spilt a drink or something! - that's the only thing that's really out of condition though. Have you done anything to your 1.0? x
  11. 4 hours cleaning wolf today - shiny shiny car..

  12. Patiencepending

    Jazz Blue 1.4s (2000)

    Google Parker's guide and put your reg in on there - it'll give you an idea, then you can just adjust it according to mileage/locking problem. Your mileage is pretty good for an eleven year old car so you can push the price up a bit for that
  13. Patiencepending

    Rear Window sticker

    I like the first one best personally
  14. Patiencepending

    Lupo 1.4s :)

    Just bought a new 1.4s, it's a 2001 and only 59000 on the clock. Absoloutely in love with it!

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