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  1. Cheers for the heads up on those repair clips!! bloody genius! This thread has just saved me a few hundred quid!!
  2. hi mate, im after drivers side window regulator and passenger side fog lamp. I presume the front fogs are identical on a gti ?
  3. I saw a set of lupo heater control bulbs on ebay a few days ago but got outbid on them. Now I cant find them anywhere! can anyone help?
  4. Got some ugly stone chips in my bonnet so i'm going to be wrapping it soon. I sourced some proper 3M gloss black but im still unsure of how to have it. I knocked up a couple of photoshops so see what you guys think... Currently my towing eye caps are still primer grey so ive done a pic showing red and black/carbon caps Any input appreciated. Cheers.
  5. I've had problems with my drivers side electric window. It just stopped working one day, but there was a click when the button is pushed. Took the mechanism out and discovered that it was a small plastic bracket on the regulator that had snapped and caused the window to jam. (search Lupo Window Regulator Repair on eBay to see what I'm talking about) They're only £10 for a pair and it's only a 1-2 hour job. Tutorials are on here somewhere. Hope this helps
  6. jakegti

    Laquer flake

    Ive got a loop gti in flash red and the paintwork is mint apart a few annoying patches of lacquer flake on the bonnet and a couple of tiny bits on the roof and spoiler. Is there anything I can do to repair the flaking, short of respraying the entire panel. Really can't afford a respray at the mo. I'm probably gonna rub down and wrap the bonnet tbh. Any other suggestions?
  7. jakegti

    towing eye caps

    Ive recently replaced the towing eye caps on the front bumper. The lupo is flash red but the caps are still in primer grey. Whats the best way to colour the caps to match? vinyl wrap or paint? and where can i go to get said vinyl or colour matched paint? cheers for reading
  8. Closer to 30 quid on eBay !! Second hand will do me fine especially for non essential parts
  9. My heater controls dont illuminate when the headlights are switched on. They worked temporarily a few weeks ago but now theyre off and staying off. Don't think it's a bulb issue. I've tried getting behind the controls and wiggling the plugs too but no joy. Any ideas?
  10. Need a replacement LED brake light bar complete with plug connectors. Complete spoiler would be considered. Preferably flash red.
  11. Passenger side fog need PM please
  12. Only need the one but happy to buy the pair if it seals the deal. PM please!
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