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  1. What bike you end up gettin then mate ?? Oh my nice bike history that.........what was your bike choice when restricted ??
  2. I'm a hefty lad tbh mate and I'm a sensible driver and know the bike will only go as fast as I make it. I just thought I'd put this up to anymore who wants to get there das done before the rules change like me. I do t want to start the age old argument on 'you get a 600/1000 supersports bike for a first bike and you'll crash' as with everything it will only go as fast as you make it
  3. I'm after £260 posted taking into account yet £450 new and in good condition
  4. Unlucky turn of events mate
  5. A bike only goes as fast as you make it go, and restricting a 600 for example to 33bhp in my eyes is more dangerous. Taking away the power which in some instances is needed to avoid trouble
  6. Just been looking at doing my DAS course as I've turned 21 to find that the rules change in January 2013 and say if you haven't passed by then you have to wait till your 24 hence to say I'm I. A serious saving mission and selling the coilovers off the gti to fund the £700 course just thought I'd let others know who may be thinking about it
  7. d4n91

    Koop's Loops

    I think a set of Weitec coilovers would really suit this car lol
  8. Make me an offer mate that's all I can say
  9. Had a play with the das6 and menz kit and wow, not 100% correction achieved but I'd say 70-80% achieved not bad for a first go, pics will come once I've had a play with the prima amigo......... Also some bad news I'm going to be selling my weitecs to fund my direct acces course as I need to get passed before January 2013 when the new laws come in saying you've got to be 24 any takers or offers ???
  10. As above I'm thinking of selling my coilies as I want to fund my bike licence (das) the question how much they worth ? They are in good condition and one shock has been replaced under warranty ??? Cheers Dan
  11. The loop had her service today along with a gearbox oil change and wow drives so much smoother, placebo maybe but the gearbox feels a lot more smooth and crisp.......also good job I replaced the water pump as it developed a slight leak but all is good now the loop got a clean bill of health from the mechanics, they said it looks very clean and is showing no sign of any problems Also found my practice panel to take the das 6 pro to, just waiting on a few bits then I'll be starting it, going to have a play with wet sanding too.......it's from a mk3 golf and I think it's flash red and it'ish or some serious swirl marks so will see if I'm doing it right and how much correction I've achieved etc before tackling the loop
  12. Looking good mate
  13. d4n91

    Koop's Loops

    Haha great........I'm sure mine was 14mm lol Looking good thought koop
  14. I'm really liking the height of it too mate tbh doesn't cause too much trouble, however with looking at houses recently with drives and a garage which is a must really the car won't gO up most of them due to the steep gradient I could solve it with 2 4x1 planks though I suppose
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