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  1. thanks guys ill be back with myprgress thread very soon lol
  2. that was thecheapest i could find and my mums on it :/ not too bothered about the power yet as ill be 1.9ing it mid next year. my vrs is 460Nm and is a beast but i could cope for a while lol
  3. from page 1 to 130 in 2 hours and 20mins!!!! my god that was a read lol worth it though love the lupo mate keep up the weird goings on regards matt
  4. hi turbo it, induction kit / panel filter, remap, gti redline grill, paint your vw badges, led number plate bulbs / side lights. just keep the body work clean and subtle te gti is a good looking car as it is, if you really wanna mess with it get some nice rimage on it. forgot how to upload pics btw lol regards matt
  5. right i have or sale - a sheet of gun smoke lamin-x, size 24inch x 11.5 inch also a large sheet of di-noc 1.5metre x 1.5 metre i want £15 delivered for the lamin-x and £30 for the di-noc, its the best quality as people know and bubble free please pm me for payment details regards matt
  6. right i have a very low budget of £1500 not alot i know but needs must, ive currently got a skoda fabia vRS 184bhp and i love it but the only thing thats hurting me is my renewal at £2600, £800 more than last year im doing around 20,000 miles a year and need a diesel, im just wondering which would be best for me, ill be keeping it standard for a year or so then throwing a 1.9 tdi lump in and i do mean this im not just a talker lol. ill do the obvious things coilovers, wheels, bit of smoothing but nothing engine wise for a year, im also a plasterer on the side so will use the rear of the car with no seats for my side jobs, now i know your thinkng why not buy a bigger car but i love the lupo and im adament on having another i just need your help on the engine side. any help would be legend regards matt
  7. loopypoo


    ill take it on thursday mate pm me you detail please
  8. all there film is the same if not better quality than lamin-x mate i have it all over my vrs and such good prices too, one roll did my lights and rears
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