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  1. looking for a good 5 speed box
  2. Pair of soft blue Lupo doors come complete with stubby mirrors glass etc only £30 each. Will not strip full doors to be taken as is pictured 07958365603
  3. anyone put one of these units in a lupo looking to go tdi and 6 speed would 1.9 be easier and would a fabia vrs,ibiza 130 or golf 130/150 be the best donor car thanks in advance
  4. this would be a full swap bellhousing should not make any difference
  5. got the chance of a polo 1.6 gti engine box and ancillaries will this fit straight into a lupo gti both have 5 speed box
  6. hi

    do you still have complete engine and box

  7. looking for engine and box complete is it still available
  8. what miles on engine whereabouts are you
  9. assuming it has alternator and starter
  10. it would be just to drop in a gti
  11. i would be interested in everything especially if you can get it to donny
  12. colour is always a big factor as some are rarer than others
  13. bet they would put a new one on though
  14. mine used to catch front and back with 185/50s on with lowered springs should be fine on standard setup
  15. dosent pop out seems to go in and then theres no drive hope to get a look at it over the weekend
  16. pull the leads off one at a time if theres one or more that don't make engine run any different then that's a good indication which cylinder the problem lies if that doesn't make any difference then take plugs out they should all look the same,if theres one that's say covered in oil or looks a lot lighter than the other that could point to the faulty cylinder none of that works do a compression test smoke test to check for leaks the list can go on and on
  17. it could be a split oil cooler if they have one that's a possible cause on a tdi check to see if its overheating any oil in there could also be off a previous repair or even someone putting oil in wrong place(it does happen) if its not overheating I wouldn't worry too much
  18. don't think I will be that lucky its a five speed box
  19. looks like its a rebuild now just hope it works out cheaper
  20. yeah congrats on your purchase spoke to mark sounds like hes up for action
  21. ive lost fifth altogether all other gears seem fine goes in but has no drive been told it could be the brass parts on the selector fork
  22. 2001 gti has no drive in top gear (5 speed) been told it could be selector fork does this sound right all other gears are fine
  23. because I have a gti with suspect engine and box with no fifth they look a bit better and have the wider track aswell
  24. using a gti as starter car how much easier will this conversion be(if easy is the right word) which engine would be best to use as I have the chance of a auq
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