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  1. hi do u have a chance off gettin hold of a black passenger side ? if so how much tar
  2. After somemone stole casing off the drivers side wing mirror last night arghhhhhh could do with one in black if any1 could help pleeeeaaaaseeee xxx
  3. Ha not sure but think it would be a big job the dint is pritty big and ther is also crease lol and a few chips out of paint. Bit of a mess :-(
  4. the ones on ebay are quite far away from me as from west yorks lol tried a few scrappers around but had no luck thanks for the number will try tomorow hopefully with some luck
  5. my door was dinted last week and don't seem to be able to find a black passenger door for my 1999 1.4s BLACK lupo anywhere if any one could help also need a rear bumper as mine has few scrapes ????? thankkkssss
  6. hmmm to sell my car or not ? ;(

    1. NexG


      noooo dont sell your car lol unless your buying another lupo :P

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