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  1. Whereabouts are you ? That would be perfect bud
  2. Im putting my tdi back to standard and the garage that fitted the coilovers have ballsd it right up and given me the wrong suspension back, so I've got struts from god knows what on the back and it's sitting incredibly high, and the front coils wound all the way up, it's hideous and ridiculous. So if anyone has the standard setup lying around or even just the rears that would be appreciated. Thankyou !
  3. Ive just bought a gti spoiler for my tdi, and it doesn't have any screws or bolts with it, so I'm wondering what do I need to do to fit it, I don't want to bond it on as the brake light needs to be serviceable. Anyone done it and can help ? Cheers
  4. I use Mobil 1 5w30 in my tdi
  5. you have to split the headlights to do this, any other way is an mot fail.
  6. i was fitting an aftermarket head unit into an arosa and needed the adapter for the wiring as the original had been lost, so went into a radio/car electrics shop to get one and whilst in there he explained about mw interference on vas and tried to sell me a small wire with a plug on it etc, that you connect up to the back of the head unit somewhere and it cuts out the interference . my suggestion would be to try and find a local specialist and see if you can get your hands on one.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is a common vw thing, you can get an adapter/ plug from any good radio dealer that should sort it out.
  8. getting some less to put in, inlace of the old bulbs. was wondering if anyone knew the diameter of the hole the bulbs go through as the ones I'm buying are 11mm
  9. this is a bit of a penis to achieve given the tight spaces, but after paying some fat greasy hulk man at halfords to do mine, i felt confident to try it myself, after all if he can get his sausages in there i can get my little chipolatas in. make sure all the electrics are off, take the back covers off the lights, unplug the bulbs, then there will be two metal hooks holding a spring clip in place either side of the bulb, simply unhook these, remove bulb, don't drop the spring clip if it comes out,i did and was lucky to retrieve it. put new bulbs in taking care not to touch the glass, plug them in and replace the clips, test the bulbs and seal it all back up. easy.
  10. I paid about 99 p for mine 3 months ago , good light , still working . Fleabay
  11. marvelt


    Just because it's thirsty doesn't mean it's been remapped, it could be a whole Number of things.
  12. marvelt

    Towing eye strap

    Not gonna lie I'm still laughing at defcons photo.
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