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  1. Hi Guys and Gals, I have found a way to install a iOS7 Beta for free! ALL THE INFO IS HERE I have installed this myself and didnt have any issues if anyone needs help just drop me a message. ENJOY!
  2. Wont make the engine go bang then? As im debating on weather to buy my old car back and I know that was an issue with it I only want it for 6 months to get me to work and save for a lupo gti just dont want it going bang after a month
  3. If you leave the valve stem seals and dont bother fixing the problem whats the worst that can happen? Aslong as you keep it topped up with oil cheers
  4. wish I had the cash but all I have to offer is a mountain bike
  5. I couldnt make a wanted thread for some reason...
  6. This will be going in the next 3days due to not being able to keep it any longer
  7. I'm going to be working all day buddy but feel free to drop me a text
  8. I really dont want it to go but If i spend money on fixing it its not worth it but for somebody else it could be a cheap car also im trying to save to move out so going to share a car . Still open to offers people
  9. This car will be going over the next few days so If anyone wants it best contact me asap Thanks Will
  10. Yep im open to offers but really want the 600 location - Taunton, Somerset
  11. Vw Lupo 1.4 Sport Green Needs a new gearbox Its covered 150k MOT - Dec 2012 TAX - June 2012 It has black BBS RA's alloys (not great condition) and is lowered on coilovers. Also has a custom exhaust. The body work is is tidy condition for a W reg with no rust. Last march I had the roof rust taken out and repaired by vw and resprayed along with bumpers and bonnet. £600 open to all offers
  12. Going to give audi 4 you a call tomorow and see if they can sort me out. I will post a vid soon of what it sounds like. Video of the noise
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