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  1. Tis a bloody shame but insurance hsnt gone down after a year, and i find myself doing longer journeys which is a pain, but its fecking quick for what it is and no one expects it haha. gotta love a chavs reaction
  2. ( old thread but looking for same guy i think ) I was behind him on swindon ringroad near the empire cinema, was a slightly dirty tdi, then pulled up next to him and he tried to race me ( was late for movie didnt want to miss turning) he was chucking black stuff so a poss remap
  3. Am going to maniflow this weekend to see what they can do but not sure whether to go revo or custom map could use a toffee wheel but dont have a drill
  4. Hi Have managed to get my mitts on a Arose Tdi s with only 52000 miles on the clock and in very very good condition So im looking into a remap and exhaust system, does any body know of any good places in wiltshire or any near dorchester for a remap, am thinking of going to maniflow in salisbury for a full turbo back system (any experience ?) But ! first things first I have to sort the passenger window. It will not work but it does "click" is this a new motor job or just cleaning up the contacts and pcb ? O and doing a side strips delete is going to be done this weekend Any help will be appr
  5. i know this is old but is the ecu still for sale ?
  6. hi am fairly new here but have got my hands on a arosa tdi in very good condition (pics soon) so my yaris t sport has to go it has 36000 miles and is in thunder grey only selling as my insurance isnt going down even with a years no claims (grrr) 3100 ono lowest mileage i have seen My link thanks brenpirate
  7. still in need of help as my insurance runs out next week. i have a yaris t sport for 3500 if anyone is interested. please help tom
  8. sorry bud i cant get my laptop to work and phone doesnt email to well any chance i can have more info thanks tom
  9. sorry to far for me thanks tom
  10. where abouts in the uk are you ? thanks tom
  11. brenpirate

    any 1.4 tdi

    I am new to the forum HI! In need of a lupo/arosa 1.4tdi not bothered about spec just less than 100,000 miles. not bothered about mods as i will be doing a remap, lowering etc i need this car the 26th as my insurance is up for renewal and my yaris t sport is to much on insurance sorry but not looking for a petrol thanks brenpirate
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