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  1. hit

    Lenso BSX's wrapped in T1-Rs

    hi there mate do u still have these wheels for sale if so ill take them off ur hands for 290 mate what u say
  2. i want some BBS wheels :(

  3. i want some BBS wheels :(

  4. hit

    Red flock Interior panels

    hi there mate still got the doors cards for sale ill give 30pound cash in hand and come and pick them up where u live mate
  5. hit

    Porsche D90's **FOR SALE **SWAP FOR G60'S??**

    can u send me some pic mate and where u from
  6. hit

    my lupo gti

    Yes it is the SM54NWA mate yeah she still looking mint just fins waxing her today
  7. hit


    Hello are there any meetings today near East Midlands eg Nottingham, Lincolnshire etc
  8. hit

    The other blown one

    Yeah ur rite there mate looks mint love the wheels on it too
  9. hit


    like the pics dude well nice cars
  10. hit

    my lupo gti

    yeah mate the exhaust sound nice not too loud or sound too naff too on a tick over sound like the scooby purring on the motorway sound good not too loud i didn't want it to sound like these jap cars eic ... told the guy get it sound like a r32 but he said u need a v6 eng to get that sound but he did his best if ur at any show ill have to give me a bell and check it out
  11. hit

    my lupo gti

    went for long life exhaust cat back sport full system £300pound mate just need some wheels now plus I need to take to VW garage so they can do the paint work because got some corrosion behind then paint so should get that done under warranty what VW have on there body and paint. I want it to make it faster any ideas my mates keep telling to but some cams on it or drop g60 init mm mm but I don't want to do nothing to the eng must be another way
  12. hit


    cheers mate i think i ve done it

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