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  1. Hi Guys, I don't have any central locking any more. It started messing about a few years back, so my other half got it unplugged and now I'm just opening the car as if it was really old (which it is anyway) and open all doors with a key. My driver's door lock started messing about a few weeks back, so on MK2's advice, I bought the door lock mechanism. However I couldn't find a mechanic that would have time to fit it in for me, but so far, the lock is still going ok, and the mechanism is for now sitting it its box. I'd hate to get rid of my little car as it's got a very good engine, it
  2. Perfect! Many thanks for your help.
  3. Hi MK2, Would this be the part I would need to get? Front Right Driver Door Lock Mechanism For Seat/Skoda/Vw (d2pautoparts.com) I just want to be 'double sure' I'm getting the right thing. Many thanks.
  4. Thank you for responding so quickly MK2! I'll try and find the part and get it done, I'm not a mechanic myself but I know a good one. And thanks for the tips on the auto gearbox fluids! I'm aware of the costs of the auto boxes.
  5. Hi there, I've just found this thread. My Arosa's driver lock has just started to play up. We've put some WD-40 in it, so now we're just waiting to see if it does the job. But we're just wondering if gatesy0093's issue been resolved? And if so, how? Many thanks.
  6. I'm afraid I'm not mechanically-minded at all 🤔 😂, so I'll pass your info onto someone local to me who, hopefully, will be able to help! 😀 Many thanks MK2!
  7. Thanks MK2! One more, if my passenger door was connected back to the central locking system, would I need to buy 6X1837014C instead, also would I need new keys? Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, I've had my Arosa for 10 years now (time has flown!) and it still drives very well, a great little car especially for parking! However, recently, it's started to decide to lock/unlock itself continuously, so continuously that it drained my battery. My local garage has disabled the central locking system for the passenger's door and it's now on manual mode, however the driver's door and boot are still on central locking mode and it's still going berserk. 😥 Sooo, as I'm not planning to part with my little car just yet, my questions are:1) does anyone know what could cause
  9. To whoever has starting problems on their automatic Arosas: I was having intermittent starting problems, my local garage couldn't find the fault, so I got the inhibitor changed in the hope it would help, but no. The starter motor followed but didn't help at all, in fact the starting issues seemed to get worse. A chap who owns a garage/workshop a few miles away was recommended as being good at his job, reliable and cheap, so we took my Arosa to the 'hospital' once again on a last ditch attempt to sort it out once and for all. Dropped it off first thing in the morning and got a call a couple of
  10. Hi, Just to let you know that I have also been to Halfords who sold me that adaptor (they call it a 'signal filter'), and since it's been fitted (and although it is a Sony and not a Grundig ) the radio works perfectly. The filter costs £14.99 and it's well worth it!
  11. Hi, How much did the aerial base cost? Thanks.
  12. Hi, "I have spoken to a reputable Auto gearbox specialist as mentioned above (Wimbledon Automatics, 020 8540 6624) and they said if the 1st – 2nd bumps happens all the time, ie beyond the initial few minutes running, then it is a solenoid valve issue (£500+). BUT IF IT IS only the initial one or two changes then it is the VAG CPU design (believe it or not) making first gear (solenoid valve) hold on to the revs in 1st to get the cat and exhaust system up to working temp as quickly as possible to get past emissions regulations. This rings true because there is no way the gearbox oil could warm u
  13. Same here, I have an MK1 Arosa and I see one almost every morning on the A316 on my way to work. At first I looked at the driver with a big grin, especially since, apart from one digit's difference, we've got the same number plate! But he looked straight on... the same again the next day and the one after and the one after etc.... I went to Lyndhurst in the New Forest a while back and when arriving in the town, I saw my 'Rosa's mirror image. The driver looked at me and my big grin, but nothing seemed to register on her face.... must be something to do with my big grin... I think I'll j
  14. I've just had 'Rosa serviced at SMC Datchet (picked it up this morning). I mentioned that there was a problem with the gear change beforehand, but they couldn't 'fault it'... I have been doing what you suggest ie. lift off the throttle just as it is about to change up, but it doesn't make any difference. So like you, I'm learning to live with it... It's a shame because it's an otherwise very good little car.
  15. Hi Adrian/Stu (and/or anyone else), I've just found this thread. I have an Arosa 1.4 Auto, it is a great little runner but, like yours, I have the 'banging' problem when going from 1st to 2nd gear when the car is 'cold'... I was wondering if you have ever found out why this 'bang' happens? Many thanks, S.
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